Soups Mallorca: Sopas Mallourqina

Posted: Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

Foodie alert: want to know the soup of any Autumn or Winter day in Mallorca? Sopas Mallourqina is a soup you will certainly want to dip your spoon into. Think thick tasty stew packed with freshly harvested Mallorcan produce. All boiled up in a sturdy soup pot or clay casserole dish. This highlight of traditional soups Mallorca is a real treat to your tastebuds. 

Sopas Mallourqina can be a soup of many tastes. That’s because seasonal ingredients are typically used. So depending on the season, what goes into your Sopas Mallourqina can vary greatly. This traditional Mallorcan soup began life as a hearty meatless peasant dish. Nowdays some recipes include meat like chicken, pork or bacon. Other recipes stick to veggies only. No matter what recipe is followed, your Sopas Mallourqina is typically served with a hearty wedge of bread. Or even over thin toasted pan mallorquin. 

To make Sopas Mallourqina, a cook generally takes their selection or vegetables and perhaps meats. These are cooked in a fragrant combination of water, oil, garlic, paprika and salt. Everything is cooked till tender then transferred to a warm bowl. Meanwhile bread or pan mallorquin is placed into the cooking pot to absorb the leftover broth. All other ingredients are then returned to the pot on top of the soaked bread. That’s it – sopas mallourqina ready to eat. Like so many stews and soups, sopas mallourqina gets better with age. So if you make this at home, be prepared to love the hearty flavours of this Mallorcan soup even more the following day.

So where can you sample Sopas Mallourqina? Anywhere across Mallorca. But your best bet is to look for hotbeds of fresh seasonal produce. Luckily, many rural hotels Mallorca have entire menus based on locally grown and harvested vegetables. Just a few examples include:

•    Son Gener in Arta: a thriving organic garden in the hotel grounds means freshest local produce is always close to hand
•    Hotel Llenaire in Pollenca: authentic Mallorcan cuisine made from freshly harvested fare forms the basis of your gastronomic experience
•    Can Quatre in Soller: vegetables locally grown and bought fresh from Soller markets are a staple in the kitchen of this rural hotel Mallorca 
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