We had a wonderful holiday thanks Henrik, really just great. See below for feedback;

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: 

Service: 5
Food: 5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Absolutely and without hesitation, we have stayed in many great hotels but the culture, food  and atmosphere of Son Gener sets it apart.

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? This was just a great holiday. Son Gener is a truly exceptional hotel, staffed by great people who make you feel welcome, with food to die for and just so relaxing that you never want to leave. Janette is a wonderful host and we are so grateful for the exceptional holiday we enjoyed there. We are already planning our next visit.

RW 09/22

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: 
Service: 5
Food: 5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? 100% yes 

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay?

Son Gener was the most most peaceful, beautiful and boutique hotel I’ve been to. Everything was perfect and the food was exceptional. We took our 3 month baby which couldn’t have been easier. Our only regret was leaving the hotel on a few occasions - as we couldn’t find any restaurants locally half as good as the hotel restaurant. Thanks Henrik for the best recommendation. We will definitely be going back!

LB 09/22

Hi Henrik

It was gorgeous, thank you so much for recommending and arranging it. My feedback is below.

All best wishes

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: 
Service: 5
Food: 5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend?  Yes definitely.

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? After a fraught flight from London, we arrived at 4pm on Saturday, just wanting a cup of tea. This was brought to us on our terrace in crisp white china. And we began to breathe out. By Sunday, we had swapped the tea for glasses of Rose from their excellent wine menu and felt like we never wanted to leave. Had it not been for a hotel booked in Palma in 7 days, perhaps we wouldn’t. With beautiful scenery, amazing pools, and kind hosts, Son Gener is gorgeous, magical, and irresistible. We loved every minute.

JO 06/22

Hi Henrik
We loved our stay at Son Gener and gave us the perfect opportunity to really relax and completely unwind. . Wonderful recommendation and exactly what we were looking for to. Son Gener is a beautiful finca , gorgeous  interiors and lots of different spaces outside to chill, sunbathe or soak in the scenery. Service , cleanliness and value for money:5
Sleep quality : 4. Beds fantastic however our room overlooking kitchen from first floor ( had asked to be in a quiet room and hotel assured we would be) . Most  days woke up to kitchen noise at 7.30… we didn’t mind once we had relaxed but I think the sound of blender at 6.45 am one morning was a bit much!
Food: 3. Only small critique and this is a personal opinion. I know food was to be ‘rustic mallorcan’  and maybe didn’t quite interpret correctly. I found it hit or miss. Meat dishes were generally very good. Fish generally overcooked.  and would recommend guests not to go for all 4 courses but to choose carefully what courses they wanted. Breakfast was excellent. Catering for all tastes from the chia seeds in almond milk to the all types of eggs etc. . I felt dinner did not do the same. However the hotel gave some good recommendations to eat out every night. 
Hope this helps . We would definitely return to son gener again and will be in touch with next Mallorcan holiday. 
Thank you

CF 06/22

Both hotels were excellent.

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: 
Service: 5
Food: 4.5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 4
Sleep quality:5
Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

JW 09/21

Hi Henrik

Once again, many thanks for the meal at Font Santa, it was amazing.

When you have a moment can you send me a link to your top recommendations for Menorca?

Here are the reviews..

Son Gener
Service 5
Food 4
Cleanliness 5
Value 5
Sleep quality 5

We loved the hotel and will definitely return. The food was delicious “home cooking”, we loved it and the relaxed atmosphere but some guests might not like the limited choice.

It was a calm and very peaceful location with beautifully maintained grounds, the staff were fabulous and very welcoming, it felt like being a guest in someone’s home.

Font Santa

This was a different thing altogether. I ate some of the best food of my life there and the staff were exceptional too. So 5 for everything, but it is a much glitzier kind of place and attracts a very different crowd. Again, a wonderful place but without the wonderful relaxed informality of Son Gener. The nearby beaches are beautiful and although its next to a busy road the hotel feels very calm.Very enjoyable but different.

Kind regards

YP 08/21

Hi Henrik and good to hear from you.  My feedback as follows;

Service: Faultless.  Excellent service from a great team.  5
Food: 5.  Gorgeous throughout. Great choice and variety.   
Cleanliness: 5.  Spotless. 
Value for money: 5.
Sleep quality: great beds and super linen.

I have already recommended this hotel to others.  Can I make special mention of the manager.  She was just great.  Couldn’t have been more helpful. 

Thanks Henrik, great holiday. 


RW 07/21

Hi Henrik,

It was my intention to send you an email with some feedback after we came back from Majorca, but I hadn’t got round to doing it. 

Son Gener was an absolutely FABULOUS hotel. We had the most wonderful time there! Everything was lovely and we would rate it 5 stars on all items. We can not find anything wrong with it. Son Gener isn’t too big, it is beautifully situated amongst lovely gardens with nature all around and as far as you can see. The hotel is beautiful and stylish inside with lovely rooms and many cosy seating places in the public areas. The staff was amazing, friendly and very hardworking. The pool and sauna area were great and my husband had two massages booked and I did two yoga classes. Both were excellent!
The food was delicious and we loved the glass of bubbly at the start of the meal. 

We will definitely go back ourselves, have already recommended the hotel to several friends and will keep on doing this. 

Thank you very much for recommending Son Gener to us. We would love to go back there and are equally interested in other recommendations. I would like to contact you again to ask advice on future trips. 

So, 5 stars from us on everything! If I had to give you 1 negative, it would be leaving at the end of our holiday. 

Henrik, many thanks again! Please keep us on your mailing list for future recommendations, special offers, etc. 

With best wishes,

MD 09/21

Dear Henrik,
We had a lovely holiday on Mallorca thank you, although my wife went down with food poisoning for the last three days.
Our reviews: 
Son Mas: Service: 5, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5 , Value for money: 5, Sleep quality:5
Son Gener: Service: 4, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 4
We love the quiet and privacy at Son Mas, and the pool. The food is good and the service excellent. This was our second visit and if anything it was even better this time. Son Gener has lovely grounds and wonderful views but we felt was slightly less private. The food was very good but the meal service was a little short of reaching a high standard.. Our room was close to (above) the kitchen and above the main dining terrace and we suffered some noise disturbance because of this. 
​Kind regards

MH 08/19

Hi Henrik, Funnily enough I’m back on Majorca again right now in Calla Agulla filming for the 4th time this month and wish I was staying in Son Gener. To be honest, it’s now my favourite hotel in the world. Just incredible. 6 out of 5 for everything! I want to bring my parents here in September if there are any deals you could offer?

EM 07/19

Hi Henrik, Wow....Son Gener is wonderful, we are having a fabulous time here.....thank you. Looking forward to Vall de Pollença. Will be in touch. Kindest regards 

JF 09/18

thanks Henrik - we loved Son Gener but thought Can Quatre was a bit tired/expensive for what it is.

NC 07/19

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5 Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend?  Yes !!!

UB 06/18

Dear Henrik, As we are spending our last day in Mallorca, I would like to thank you for the recommendations you made us. Both hotels we booked, Son Gener and Sa Franquesa, were really amazing. The hotels were much better than we expected. We were surprised by the beauty, the rooms, the staff (best we’ve ever had), the kitchen and, especially, the small details in service. If I was asked to give a rate for price/quality, I would give them 10/10!!! Thank you so much. Kindest regards

LC 08/18

Service: 5. Food: 5 However I must admit as one who usually does not eat fish and never pork I would have liked a wider choice. Cleanliness: 5. Value for money: 5. Sleep quality: 7+. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend?  Yes but I would prefer they were not there when I was. Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Just a wonderful place to relax and enjoy

MG 04/18

Hi Henrik, Our holiday in Mallorca was a great success and many thanks for your assistance and choice of destinations; they were both wonderful - I would rate both venues 5 on all aspects and would definitely recommend both you and the hotels to a friend - Once again many thanks and kind regards

AB 08/17

Dear Henrik, We enjoyed our stay very much. It was a very restful place. People were friendly and helpful. There were times when the lack of anyone on the front desk, (although it was explained to us on arrival that we "could just call in to the kitchens if we needed anything") could seem a bit detached. It was a lovely setting, and in a good location for visits. We felt the main meal was expensive - we paid as much as we would in central London for a meal that while perfectly good was not really worth what I think was about 50 euros each if I remember rightly. So this meant we tended to eat out when we could. On one occasion we had the 27 euro cheaper option at Son Gener, but then it turned out when we settled the bill on departure we had ordered the wrong course (a starter instead of a tapas option : we had no idea one was a starter and the other was tapas!)  - none of which was at all clear from the way the menu was laid out. We did check at the time of ordering with our Spanish waitress, but I think she misunderstood us or we misunderstood her. I must stress that the German person who settled our bill was very understanding of this and still charged us the (expected) 27 euros each, so we felt trusted and supported. On a few occasions we asked for tea in our room and we fully expected to pay for this, but we were told on departure it was not an additional cost, so this was a pleasant surprise. The room was excellent, and we loved the balcony. The setting was beautiful and very well kept up. It was a very pleasant way to spend the last five days of our eight day holiday. If I had any advice for them, I would say that, unless we missed something, a bit more information on paper about how the place worked would help: clarification of the dinner arrangements, of in-room ordering (which I must stress was very efficient and positive), how the tv worked (we hardly watch it so this didn't matter, but it took me until day three or four to discover it did actually have UK channels), notes on local places to visit and tips for best local restaurants, etc. (The guide you have us was helpful in this respect - thank you). How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 4, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 5, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Probably. We would be interested in suggestions for hotels in Menorca - please do send these along.

AH 07/17

Dear Henrik, I hope that you are well. Sorry for the late reply. We will be in touch next year for your help and recommendations. Please see as below. We had a lovely stay at Son Gener….. it was just what we were looking for. We will definitely return and recommend. Its location was perfect ,close to Arta which was a beautiful town and close to some lovely beaches. Nothing was too much trouble and at times we felt that we had the hotel to ourselves which was lovely. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely

JC 07/17

Henrick, We had a very enjoyable holiday and we will recommend you to anyone looking to stay inland in Mallorca. I would rate the accommodation as follows: Son Gener: Service 9, Food 9.5, Cleanliness 9, VFM 9, Sleep quality 9. Excellent hotel I preferred this to Son cosmet, and hopefully will return, beautiful room, excellent decor, we ate in 4 out of 5 as  food and setting were superb. Only negative was that they didn't replace or remove dead flowers, and towels weren't replaced when placed in bath. But this didn't affect our enjoyment. Son Cosmet: Service 9, Food 7, Cleanliness 10, VFM 8 ,Sleep quality 8. Very quite hotel, excellent swimming pool, lovely host, only negative were the flies which may have been a one off, but I think it was down to the horses. Thank you Kind regards

GP 08/16

Dear Henrik, Our time in Mallorca was great, thanks for asking. Son Genere was simply tremendous. The team there could not have been more helpful. The room we had was perfect and spotlessly clear each day. The breakfast feat was great and to a very high standard. The pools and the grounds were also lovely. For the price, this was a solid 8 out of 10 place to stay. Your service one the other hand Henrik has been tremendous. Regards

RP 08/16

Hi Henrik, Thank you for recommending the Son Gener. Fab. Completely relaxing. Beautiful peaceful surroundings. We really loved the simplicity of the menu - although I imagine this is not to everybody's taste. Simple fare done extremely well. Service was excellent - the staff were friendly and attentive. The perfect place to relax. Best wishes  How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? YES we already have.

SD 07/16

Hi Henrik, Very pleased to answer these questions..... and a personal thanks to you for pulling out the stops to help at the last moment. Son Gener: Not so good location Again we liked this hotel environment and facilitites, but its location does not really complement its intent as a spa and retreat - in that it feels like a converted Finca not a Rural Hotel. There were quite a few children there - and some of them screaming and crying - so this did not fit well. Probably would not go back to this hotel. The food was very good but on 1 night nothing is served at all so you are forced to go out if you want to eat. On another night only 1 item was on the menu and if you don't like seafood..... Service: 4 Food: 2 - based only on the Tuesday and limited choice Cleanliness: 5  Value for money: 4  Sleep quality: 5

GM 08/15

Hi Henrik, We had a wonderful stay - what a beautiful haven of tranquility Son Gener is. We’ve already recommended it to a number of people and would give if 5/5 in all aways. Thanks for your help and kind regards

WL 07/15

Hello Henrik, We had a lovely holiday, both Hotels were very good and can score them as follows SON GENER, Service  4  good overall but language at waitress level slight problem Food 4 ok but not as good as Son Bernadinet. Cleanliness 5   good Value  4       ok Sleep quality 5 good SON BERNADINET. Service 5 Food 5 Cleanliness 5 Value 5 Sleep quality 5 Son Geners  location and facilities were better but Son Bernadinets food and service were much better. If we visit Mallorca again we will be in touch. Thank you,

RC 09/14

Henrik, It was really lovely, really! We returned yesterday as we travelled to Deia after Son Gener. There is no reason to reply to individual sections as the whole experience was spot on. Relaxing, discreet, generous, immaculate, beautiful and delicious – the weather was a bit sporadic but even I know that Son Gener can’t arrange that! It truly is a ‘pocket of true luxurious rustic’

JS 09/13

Hi Henrik, What can I say. Just an amazing place. We had an amazing stay at Son Gener, the only problem being it wasnt long enough. Just a perfect place to unwind, relax and kick back. Service just the right side of there but not there, just what you need. Would I stay again? Its not if, its when. Hows that? I will be looking again i hope. I’ll get some dates together and let you know Henrik. Thanks again, Service: 5 Food: 4 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 5

MC 08/13

Hi Henrik, Yes we had a fabulous stay at Son Gener. We didn’t arrive until about 5pm on our first day and wished we’d got there earlier. A completely gorgeous place with everything we needed, in fact we made a point of not going any where except for lunch and a swim in the sea! We thoroughly enjoyed the yoga room which we used every morning followed by a swim and steam room. Bliss. Everybody was extremely helpful and very efficient without being fussy. So Service definitely gets a 5 Food – Breakfast was perfect always plenty of everything and all delicious. We only had one dinner as we preferred to have a large lunch. One night they provided us with some ham, cheese and bread to finish our red wine off with. Delicious. The dinner we had was nice although very heavy not really to our taste as we were hoping for something a little more spanish. But I think that’s the island not necessarily the hotel. I would say they were catering for their German clients. But in terms of the way it was served and presented it was all lovely. So 5 for Breakfast and 4 for dinner but only if we’re being massively picky. The place was immaculate and the beds and linen were just gorgeous. We loved the simplicity of our room just right. Really for the price I think it was worth it and we would definitely recommend it to friends, in fact we already have. All 5s And by the way you personally get a very good press with the staff at the hotel! Thought you’d like to know. So 6 for you too!! Hope that’s of use to you And we look forward to another visit. All the best and thank you for all your assistance. Lara and Julian

LM 10/12

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 4 Food: 3 Cleanliness: 4 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

AD 09/12

Just to let you know we had a lovely stay, it is a super place, thank you for your input. Best

MA 07/12

Henrik, Just a quick note to let you know I had a fantastic holiday, Son Gener is a great venue, lovely setting, warm and welcoming staff, great food, for the first few days it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Great base for getting to some of the little coves/beaches and plenty of restaurants nearby. .Overall a fantastic break Don’t suppose you do anything in Ibiza, looking to go mid Sept ? Thanks again

PH 07/12


Son Gener is originally a rustic farmhouse dating back to the XVIII century that has been reformed into a luxury rural Spa hotel. This is an ideal place to wind down and spoil yourself in an amazing natural environment.

The hotel has ten luxury junior suites, all with their individual charm. All suites have its own large terrace, king size bed, open bathroom with separate shower and WC/bidet, hair-dryer, bathrobe and slipper, cosmetic mirror, heating, air conditioning, telephone, TV, minibar, and a safe.

While staying at Son Gener you can also expect a great gastronomic experience. The hotel has a large focus on using the best local produce which comes from their own organic garden, the eggs are from the hens, the fish is always fresh and bought directly from the local fishermen and the meat is totally organic. Also, every year the hotel produces their own sobrassada which is a traditional Mallorcan sausage. All this comes from “Josefa”, which is the hotel's chef for many years

The hotel also has its own wine cellar where you will find many references to excellent Mallorquin wines.

There is no shortage of relaxing activities at Son Gener. Enjoy their Spa with indoor swimming pool, sauna, hamman, jacuzzi, and yoga room. You can also get different body treatments, all supervised by a professional therapist.

Type Rural Boutique Spa Hotel
Rooms 10
Pool Two pools (16 x 6 m outdoor pool and one indoor pool in the Spa)
Children Yes
Open April - November
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
Parking Yes
Extras Pool, spa, sauna, yoga room

Rooms & Rates

The price is for two people including breakfast and government taxes (10% VAT). Balearic Eco-tax of 2.20 Euros per person and day is not included in the price.

The prices below are average prices for the defined season and might vary by date. Check availability for best available rate.

You will pay the hotel in the hotel’s local currency (€). The displayed amount in GBP is indicative and based on today’s exchange rate.

Room Seasonal Rates
Room Title
1 Apr - 14 May
15 May - 15 Sep
16 Sep - 31 Oct
Junior suite with terrace
€370 / £318
€400 / £344
€370 / £318

Large suites with spacious bathrooms, private terrace, a/c, minibar, safe, SAT-TV, WiFi internet, hairdryer

Optional Extras

Children 0 - 2 years with baby cot: Free of charge​
Third person +2 years in extra bed: 75 Euros per night including breakfast