Dear Henrik, Dale and I have just returned from our very lovely break.  You were absolutely right it is such a beautiful place, right up there with Son Mass, I really loved it.  We will be in touch with you for our next holiday, that’s for sure. Many thanks and all good wishes

SB 06/15

Hi Henrik We had a great time, thank you! Both hotels were very different . I would rate Alcaufar Vell as excellent. It was rustic and welcoming. I, d rate it 5 on everything except value for money, which is a 4.  Torralbenc was excellent in a lot of ways. It was contemporary and finished to the highest standard. It was great value for money and the location is beautiful. The service was bit too pushy, if you know what I mean. The food was okay. It was the same breakfast each day and the restaurant food was average and very expensive. There is a Michelin starred restaurant in Torret which was in my top ten of restaurants of all time and very good value with the right kind of atmosphere. Torralbenc was a little bit stuffy, but we thought it is the best hotel on the island. They were both fab in different ways! That probably doesn't help you that much as I would recommend them both. Thanks so much for your help and we'll definitely book with you again. Best wishes

KB 07/14

Dear Henrik I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the good weather. Thank you once again for organising two top hotels for us in Menorca.  Torralbenc was spot on this year with the service and the food was sublime. It was ten out of ten from us for Torralbenc. Morvedra Nou was really nice too. A different experience, more rustic and was really handy to be so close to Ciutadella. We had a great roof terrace which gave us privacy from the other guests, which was also handy. The food and service were about an eight out of ten, which is really great! It was all in all, another fantastic time and quite different to last year's holiday - it's good not to repeat the same thing! I think we may go to  Ibiza next year, so we will be in touch! thanks again, Henrik.  Best wishes

KB 07/15

Hi Henrik It was a lovely hotel, with good facilities, a great setting  and very helpful and friendly staff. The room was very comfortable and clean. Our only comments would be about the restaurant. On the dinner menu, we thought the chef was trying to be a bit too clever and pretentious, and we ended up going out more than we anticipated as a result. But that may be a personal preference, since it was well supported in the evenings. Breakfasts were pretty disorganised – a couple of times we waited 15 minutes to get a cup of coffee (despite few tables and plenty of staff). It seemed that only the boss could take an order for two cappuccinos and other staff were unable to do so. They were very pleasant, but not very efficient! But these comments are at the margin and we had a very enjoyable stay (although interestingly nobody at the hotel asked us for any comments). Many thanks – I will certainly check out your site again. Regards

AB 07/14


Torralbenc is a traditional Menorcan farm that has been renovated into a luxury hotel, respecting the rich heritage and archaeology of the zone.
The buildings dates back to the 19th and early 20th century and were used in the past for farming tasks and have now been carefully restored to recover the essence of the arquitecture and the natural environment.

The former store-house, used in the past for grape harvest and wine barrels, has been reconverted into a cosy restaurant that reflects the gastronomic roots of the island, rich with flavours of the Mediterranean Sea and Menorcan land, and always offering the finest seasonal produce from local suppliers. Established family recipes using new culinary techniques prepared to enjoy on the terrace or in the cosy dining room. All of this under the guidance of the renowned chef Paco Morales, awarded a Michelin Star in his homonymous restaurant in Ontinyent.

The hotel is located close to Alaior in Menorca, on a privileged small hill surrounded by vineyards and with commanding views of the Mediterranean. It sits between Mahón and Ciudadela, close to some of the most extensive sandy beaches on the island.

Type Rural Hotel
Rooms 27
Pool 25 x 7m
Children Yes
Open April - October
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
Parking Yes
Extras Stylish retreat and pretty much anything you might be looking for can be organized at this hotel!