Hi Henrik, Wow, what a fab holiday!!!!!! Fontsanta was amazing, from the moment we arrived we relaxed and were totally spoilt by the staff, surroundings and superb food. WOW.. Son Grec was fab as always, lovely welcome and fantastic food. We are considering taking my mum there for a week in June next year, would you be able to get a price for us? We are looking to go 1st week of June, we’ll need 2 rooms and if you could get a quote for all rooms which are currently available. It is frustrating that they don’t do food in the evening but we feel that we don’t mind taking taxis to the port as this is the sort of holiday mum would prefer. I’ll write a few reviews for you soon, huge thank you for all your help, we had a wonderful holiday, perfect!! Kindest regards

JJ 06/19

Hi Henrik, We are spending our latest hours in Fontsanta. Best service we’ve ever had!!! We would like to thank you once more for the dinner you offered. It was delicious and much appreciated. Thank you so much. Next year’s destination will be Menorca. I believe Torralbenc is also in your selection? Is it as good as Fontsanta? Any other suggestions for Menorca? Kindest regards

LC 20/08

Hi Henrik,

In a word wonderful…. All three hotels were fantastic

The first one (Font Santa Hotel) was probably our favourite and I would rate this one with a 5 but then given the price difference that was probably to be expected. The second was wonderful but the first room we had felt a little remote from the hotel facility’s so we moved into the hotel and the room itself was a little dated, however this was a very minor point and this one I would rate 4.5… the last hotel we stayed in again was wonderful and the staff incredibly helpful, the room was wonderful and this one I would rate at 4 only because the layout was a little cramped

ALL three however I would stay in without hesitation and I will be back

Many thanks to you for your help

Kind regards

AL 07/19

Good evening Henrik, I'm so sorry for the late reply. We returned from a fantastic time in Mallorca to hit the ground running and have barely stopped since. Firstly, thank you so much for the gifts you had placed in our rooms, on arrival at Font Santa and on leaving Son Brull. It was a lovely touch and  we were (are) most grateful. As with our previous trips to Mallorca, the hotels you selected were superb in every aspect. Font Santa, Sa Pedrissa and Can Simonetta are all, of course, familiar to us and never disappoint. Son Brull, as a new hotel to us, exceeded our expectations and more than stood alongside the other three hotels. We enjoy moving between hotels and locations as each has it's own character and environment; salt marsh and broad skies, mountain views and coastal coves, clifftop views and sweeping vineyards. What, however, they all have in common is superb food and outstanding service. At every hotel the staff can literally not do enough for you. They are friendly and helpful, yet are unobtrusive. From front of house to housekeeping, we were always greeted cheerfully, with a smile. Another outstanding example of the superb service; if the menu on any evening didn't suit us, the chefs would prepare an alternative selection especially for us even, on one occasion, without any notice. There is no escaping the fact that the hotels and their restaurants are expensive, but it's it's an expense worth paying and one that we shall definitely be paying again soon. We also have not and will not have any hesitation in recommending the hotels and your services to all our friends and family. We'll be back! Kind regards

GH 08/19

I want to thank you for making our stay at Font Santa such a joy. We found Prosecco in our room and chocolates and the staff were brilliant in remembering us from last year. Our friends also really enjoyed the experience also, next year we are thinking of Ibiza, similar time and similar type of hotel/spa! Any ideas? many thanks again Henrik.

VF 04/18

Hello Henrik, Better late than never! Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you after our wonderful holiday in Mallorca. On our return we hit the ground running and, until last week, haven’t stopped! I say until last week because, as evidence of how much we loved your hotel recommendations and the island itself, we took a quick three night/four day break back at Hotel Font Santa to catch the last of some summer sun. All the hotels had their own character and qualities.  Our return to Hotel Font Santa speaks for itself. I wrote a Tripadvisor review of here after our first stay. We changed rooms at Sa Pedrissa from the old-fashioned / traditional main house to the amazing contemporary ‘pool’ rooms which were a complete contrast and could have come out of a film set. We would return here if we could guarantee one of these two rooms. Predi Son Jaumell was the only slight disappointment. The pool area was cramped and untidy, the breakfast somewhat shabbily laid out and, after our earlier stays at adult only hotels, lots of small children running about was not what we hoped for or expected. Nonetheless, the room we had and it’s private terrace overlooking the kitchen garden and vineyard was wonderful. We loved the sea views from Can Simoneta and, like all the hotels, enjoyed the attentive service and wonderful food. We’ll have no hesitation in returning to Mallorca and also in recommending your guidance and services to our friends and family. Kind regards

GH 08/17

Hi Henrik, I’ve had better holidays.... I’m guessing you didn’t hear about our accident?! Hotel was amazing though- thank you. Hopefully will return with less trauma! Kind regards

AP 09/17

We loved Font Santa Hotel Henrik and would happily go back there another time. I have answered your questions below. Thank you for your help. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and were looked after beautifully. My spa experience was wonderful, the pools were clean and very pleasant and the food exceptional. We could not praise the staff more highly. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service:  5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:5, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

VF 09/17

Good evening Henrik, I've just arrived home. Thank you for your email. We had a fabulous time. I can't thank you enough for all your arrangements. My daughter's psoriasis cleared up amazingly in the thermal spa waters. As far as all your questions go.... They answer is they were faultless. The setting, the standard, the atmosphere, everything. If I was to be picky.... I'd say the road noise and perhaps they could invest in a couple of newer bicycles with baskets?? I have taken the brochure for all the other hotels in the group and will absolutely be back. I have also recommended the hotel to some lovely close friends which is always the best compliment I've one can give. I'll be sure to contact you for future visits. Kind regards

LB 08/17

Hi Henrik - please find feedback below... Beautiful hotel and surroundings, staff were super friendly & helpful, excellent spa facilities. Breakfast was superb and evening meal options plentiful. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 5, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

HH 08/17

Hi Henrik, Thanks for your email.  We had a great time in Mallorca. Thanks for organizing everything. I have rated the hotels below.  They were both really nice.  Font Santa is quite close to a main road but our room was far enough away.   We had a very relaxing time at both. Pleta de Mar was really lovely, a step above Font Santa.  The rooms were great and the service was really excellent. I think they are both quite expensive but we knew that before we went. Best

NT 07/17

Dear Henrik, we had a lovely restful relaxing 4 night stay, great reception, room, beds and food. Lovely pools and we enjoyed everything. A great stay very grateful xx

HC 07/17

Afternoon Henrik, We thought the hotel was superb, not sure the extra cost of the room we had was worth it, if we book again I think the standard room would be more than adequate. As you know there was a delay with the bikes not being available until later on the Tuesday morning, even though we had requested and we're willing to pay for delivery on the Monday, if a hotel says it 5 star then this is the kind of attention to detail that it needs to get right, but in the overall scheme of things not major. We ate in the restaurant on two of the evenings and the hotel concierge provided two very good recommendations for other nights, both were excellent. We would recommend the hotel and are now open to offers for next year, so please let us know of any offers, we don't normally go back to same place, but this find might just make us change that approach. Regards

GC 09/16

Good Morning Henrik, Yes we had a great break in is some feedback for the 3 hotels we stayed in. Hotel 3: Font Santa Hotel, A terrific stay as they always deliver with all the facilities which are first class. They have changed their menu offering again and somehow it did not work very well for us. We ate in on BBQ night and the food was not great for the price. Seafood with no flavour, Meat overcooked and tough. We found a great restaurant in the port of Colonia and there are loads of other choices a short drive away. However in terms of what they provide for what you pay it is a value offering! Service: 5, Food: 3, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality 5. Hotel 1: Can Ai. We felt very relaxed when we arrived and it is located in a wonderful country setting within easy reach of Soller. The hotel has obviously been expanded over the years and our room was enormous, the old restaurant!  Room 14. The staff were pleasant and helpful if you could find them…it seemed that they were deliberately understaffed so as to make more profit and continue expanding. As a result cleanliness was not top notch and in particular the pool had green algae all around the sides which would not have taken much effort to solve. They tried hard with the food which was more in the “local “style and we ate in 2 nights. Not bad value. Service: 3, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 2, Value for money: 3, Sleep quality: 4. I don’t think we would return. Hotel 2: Can Simoneta, Not much you can say really as everything is first class albeit a little pricey. The food is a bit over complex in a long stay and we ate out a couple of nights. There is plenty of choice nearby. A fabulous location. Service: 5, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5  Hope this helps

JM 09/16

Hi Henrik, Just to say a very big thank you for arranging our anniversary meal and hotel.We all had an amazing time. Regards

SR 08/16

Dear Henrik, We had a great time thank you: Service 5, Food 5, Cleanliness 4 - this relates to the water in the features around the hotel and no doubt added to the mosquito problem (see below), Value for money 4, Sleep quality 5. We will probably try Menorca next year...... Thanks for all your help,

FB 07/16

Hi Henrik , we loved it , all very good , LOVELY staff , very nice decoration , very clean comfortable room . Breakfast v good . Felt evening meals quite expensive . Overall a 5 . I would definitely recommend to a friend . I would also like to say thank you Henrik for all your help ,  Regards 

GH 07/16

Sorry Henrik to take so long.  We loved the hotel. The setting and decoration was superb. Service not 100%. Around the pool it was very slow and not available until 12.00pm and generally quite slow in the restaurant. So I would say 3 Food 4, Cleanliness 5, Value for money 3, Sleep quality –pillows were very lumpy foam and therefore 3. This sounds negative but I do have to emphasise we had a great time and the staff were so friendly and we love the look of your rural hotels. Any in Menorca you can recommend? One favour I would like to ask – I left a very expensive bikini there and wondered if they still have it – I will ask them direct but hopefully you have a lot more influence! Best wishes

EH 06/16

Hi Henrik, Thanks for contacting us. We had a wonderful time thank you. Your help and advice was invaluable. Hotel reports are as follows…. Fonta Santa Hotel, 5 for all…..what a fantastic hotel, could not fault anything except the night time chocs which were below average!  Hotel Cala San Vicente   Serv 5  Food 5  Clean  5  Value 5  Sleep 3  ( the beds were quite hard and Springy. On leaving we pointed this out and they said they had some toppers they could have fitted…bit late then!). I am sure we will return and will get in touch with you then.

JM 09/15

Hi Henrik, Please find below, our feedback: Service: 4.5 Food: 5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? yes Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? We had a very relaxing stay at the hotel - the food was exceptional, and the ambience delightful.  Great care has been taken to create a wonderful setting. We had a wonderful break in one of our favourite islands, Mallorca. Thank you! warmest regards,

TC 09/15

Dear Henrik,  I can't thank you enough for locating and securing us rooms at the hotel. We had an absolutely marvellous time, heaven on a plate, faultless in every way. We can honestly say that every member of staff was a ray of sunshine, so kind and helpful, food was excellent the pools magnificent and the rooms were divinely quiet and peaceful. Food-5 Cleanliness-5 value for money-  it was expensive, but it was all so lovely and clean and the atmosphere so tranquil that it was worth every penny. 5 Sleep quality - super beds, super rooms. 5 Downside- loads of beastly mozzies! (but they are all over Mallorca of course)  Yes, I would recommend the hotel to a friend. Whilst writing, we are thinking of have a week away together again, in December from around about 12th.  Do you know of any superb country hotels in England, say Cotswolds or perhaps Tuscany? All good wishes,

JC 07/15

Hi Henrik, We had an amazing time thank you. Service: 5 Food: 4 Cleanliness: 5  Value for money: 4  Sleep quality: 4 Yes we would and have recommended to friends and family. It was a relaxing haven and the perfect place to grab a few days of peace.  The fact it was adult only made it incredibly calm which was exactly what we needed. We will be in touch for our next trip! Thanks Henrik Best

SL 07/15

Hi Henrik, Just to let you know everything is absolutely fabulous. Thoroughly delightful.All of the staff are wonderful. The driver was waiting for us as planned and wheeled Sue to the car. Through the mile long Que of people waiting for taxis. So glad we took the hotels driver option. All we need to do now is...nothing. Will talk on our return. Many thanks once again. Kind Regards
Hi Henrik, Very busy first day back after a 2 hour delay at Palma and the EMA messed up baggage reclaim and then found one of our cases badly damaged. EMA was a shambles. Didn’t get home until 1.30am instead of 10.00pm
So very briefly  5+ 5+ 5+ 5 expensive but the best usually is. 5 the beds looked beautiful but they seemed to have a plastic cover under the bed sheet that was very uncomfortable. Already have, to 3 people and your service.
More later when I have more time. Once again many thanks for your excellent arrangements and service. Kind regards

AH 06/15

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5 Food: 3 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality: 5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

DC 06/15

Hi Henrik, A lovely hotel, very peaceful setting and within easy reach of the airport, yet amongst some lovely villages, especially Ses Salines, good places to eat, boutique shops, etc. The beaches in the coves around this part of the Island are worth seeking out, a lot quieter than Es Trenc and just as nice. My advice is to hire a car to make the most of the area. I would recommend this hotel Service………Excellent Food……….Excellent Cleanliness……….Excellent Value for Money…….Excellent (especially with the current exchange rate) Sleep quality…….Excellent regards

GD 05/15

Hello, It was really great. Finaly, we have stay 4 nights at font santa and 3 nights at can Simoneta. This two hotels were peaceful and the staff was really kind. We can attribute the best rate, 5, for everything. And we will contact you for another trip. Thank you for your kindeless.

MC 08/14

In french !! Bonjour Henrik, Ce fut un magnifique moment de passer quelques jours chez vous, L’hôtel est magnifique, calme, les chambres sont fonctionnelles, votre spa et les soins sont de haut niveau.  Si je devais revenir à Majorque, sans problème que mon adresse sera la vôtre,  Avec mes cordiales salutations et très bonne journée à vous,

TH 07/14

Dear Henrik, We had a lovely time at the Font Santa Hotel. I would rate everything 5. The staff were very friendly and professional. Our room was fine although the air-conditioning didn't work. It wasn't too hot so it didn't matter. Everything was very clean and well cared for.  The food was exquisite. The service was very good too. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. I would definitely recommend the hotel to friends. We had a such a good time that we can't wait to go again......although we are tempted by Can Simoneta for our next trip! Thank you

SM 05/14

Dear Henrik Delightful stay at Font Santa and 5 on all your headings; we found all staff very pleasant and enjoyed the spar pool with the various jets! Only snag was there were no steps to get out of outside pool which I need so I did not use it; for our short stay this did not matter. We would certainly recommend the hotel for a pleasant quiet stay even if spar pool not required, We went on to our rented villa with grandchildren etc for two very hot and enjoyable weeks near Cala d’Or. Quite a contrast! Kind regards

BP 07/13


Font Santa Hotel is a superior 5 star hotel located in Campos in the southern parts of the island Mallorca. This is much more than just an exclusive location: here one is able to enjoy the only natural thermal waters in the Balearic Islands in the thermal spa. In this beautiful natural environment you can enjoy one of the best beaches on the island, Es Trenc and Es Salobrar de Campos.

The design of the property has a combination of traditional as well as modern decor with hard wood floors complemented by light colours to encourage relaxation as well as prolong the wonderful sensations created by the thermal spa. 

The Fontsanta Thermal Spa waters are different from any other spa in the Balearic Islands, so much so that they are the only thermal waters with subterranean origin on the islands. These waters emerge from the underground and as they rise in shallow aquifers they acquire mineral elements in a form that would be almost impossible to reproduce artificially. Due to this process the waters present a high level of minerals at 25,34 g/l, the predominant elements being chlorine and sodium in the form of salts. Other elements are present in smaller concentrations including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, fluorine, potassium etc. These rich minerals stimulate a series of positive effects on the body (skin improvement, blood and lymphatic circulation improvement, etc). Because of this they have been declared for public use since 1869.

In the hotel restaurant you are able to taste a kitchen of truly elaborate art with the most natural of ingredients from the fresh markets. Discover the healthy, exquisite and exclusive gastronomic innovations while at the same time enjoying the tranquil interior spaces, private rooms and restaurant terraces.

Today the hotel offers 25 cozy and spacious rooms, the majority of which offer private terraces with stunning views of the natural land of Es Trenc and Es Salobrar de Campos. All rooms offer the latest technology and commodities that allow you to experience maximum comfort:

-Room Service
-King Size and twin beds
-Free Wifi
-LED Televisions with interactive systems including internet
-Heating and air conditioning systems
-Smart lighting
-Comfort amenities: bath robes and hair dryers
-Safe with personal loc

Type Luxury Spa Retreat
Rooms 25
Pool Various! Two large outdoor pools, around 20 m long and 5 m wide. Four outdoor Jacuzzis in the gardens and the Spa with indoor pool and Jacuzzis.
Children Minimum 16 years
Open February - November
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
Parking Yes
Extras Thermal spa (with three treatment rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and gym), gardens, free WiFi throughout, bikes to hire. In rooms: flatscreen TV, iPod dock, minibar, bottled water and Bulgari bath products.