Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Without doubt, this was one of the best holidays ever, I have stayed on Mallorca a few times (Son Gener, Son Brull, and Formentore), and have stayed in small boutique hotels all over the world, Son Cardaix excelled themselves, beautiful spot, secluded, private, great staff, invisible cleaners that magically cleared and cleaned – top top quality.  I would like to add a small point that the menu could change just a little for dinner, the wine list was excellent with variety and they have evidently thought of everything to enable a wonderful stay for guests.  The rooms are big and airy, and yet still cozy. 

We will defo be going back – also a great location for Arta and the beaches, as well as touristy spots.  Knowledgeable staff who made some great suggestions.

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:

Service: 5
Food: 5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

EW 04/24

Hello Henrik
I just wanted to thank you with you help finding and booking the couple of fincas we stayed in in Mallorca, I usually do all the looking myself, but was quite busy when we were looking so it saved me quite a lot of time!  We thought Son Cardaix was lovely, beautifully done up and the breakfasts were fantastic.  We stayed in one evening for dinner, the food was ok but it rather lacked any atmosphere as there was just one other couple eating that night.  We loved Arta and the area around there so it was no probem to go there each evening.
At Monnaber Nou we did not have a very good room - it was right next to a path where lots of people walked past so very public and we thought the room was a bit faded glory - probably the newer ones near the second pool would be nicer??
The breakfast there was not that great compared with other places we visited and we had dinner there one night which was ok, but not wonderful  - the views from the restaurant there are lovely though.
Our plans for the rest of our stay changed a bit from our original plan so we ended up staying at Cala Sant Vicenc hotel for 5 nights at the beginning - really lovely hotel with fantastic staff - we will definitely return there, the breakfast and dinners there were great and the pool area and garden a lovely oasis of calm!
We also stayed a night at one of the others on your list  - San Bernadet - absolutely loved it - sadly the restaurant was closed on the night we were there but that looked like it would have been a real treat as well.
We will be back to explore more of the island and some more of the lovely places to stay!  
Please let me know if you ever need anyone to go out to test new places for you and review them, but I am sure you already have plenty of willing helpers to do that for you, if not yourself!!
Thank you again - we had a lovely time!
Best wishes

CR 09/23

See comments below.

Thank you for organising.
How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:

Service: 4
Food: 4
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 4
Sleep quality: 4

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Probably

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay?

Location very peaceful, Finca seemed as if the owner had fallen out of love with it a little. Would think twice about re-booking which is a shame as location is ideal to allow for exploration of the NE of Mallorca.


DW 09/23

We had a lovely holiday thank you. All three hotels were fabulously in their own way offering different experiences, so thank you for suggesting trying more than one hotel. 

All staff were super friendly, all hotels were really clean. 

We will definitely travel back to Majorca in the near future and just hope we pick a time with more favourable weather.

If you’d like a more hotel focused opinion please send emails for each hotel. But, I think I’ve covered them well above.

Kind regards

MT 05/23

Thank you so much for your competent and quick help. You're awesome!!!

AR 03/23

Thanks Henrik, we had a lovely stay at Son Cardiax.  

Please see my responses to your questions below.

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: 

Service: 5
Food: 5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 4
Sleep quality: 5

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? This was a delightful finca hotel in a lovely peaceful setting. The suite was very spacious and we had 2 terrace areas to enjoy. Very friendly and welcoming staff, delicious breakfast and a good sized swimming pool.  It was the ideal location for us to explore the area around Arta, go hiking and play golf. 

Kind regards,

LC 04/23

Hi Henrik,

Lovely holiday thank you. Just brill.

Service: 5
Food: 3.5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

Would you recommend the hotel to a friend?

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay?

Perfect base to explore the North East of the island where there is great, hilly walking. Beautifully quiet finca with very friendly people working there happy to accommodate requests. Good strong aperol spritz! Lovely pool. Very relaxing. Meals at finca are handy when decide don’t want to move anywhere in an evening with very friendly service. Simple as opposed to gourmet dining but very convenient and easy. 5 min drive from Arta so very easy to nip in and out. Thanks very much for suggesting!

PC 09/22

Five stars all the way Henrik - thank you.

AG 06/22

Hi Henrik

Lovely holiday thank you.

We stayed at 2 hotels – so here are our answers.

Sa Tanqueta

Service: 5
Food:   5
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality: 5

Son Cardaix

Service: 5
Food: 3  (breakfast 5)
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep quality:  5

You really need a car to stay here. Otherwise you have to eat in the evening at the hotel But the taxi service we used was extremely quick and reliable.

Lovely attentive staff in both and we enjpyed chatting to the owner of SC  who was on site most of the time.

Many thanks

GF 06/22

We enjoyed Son Cardaix  immensely, we had a nice room the breakfasts were excellent, 
If I had to sum up the hotel I would use the word "charming"
We liked it a lot and the staff were excellent,good value for money and well worth a stay if you are exploring that end of the island
We are back in Cala d,or and leave for the UK at the weekend
Thanks again

DV 06/22

Good Morning Henrik

Apologies for delay in replying but I can now give you feedback on our holiday…..

We had a great time! Your help with hotel suggestions was really useful and we were very pleased with both our choices, and glad we decided to try two different areas.

The staff were so friendly and lovely in both hotels and made us feel very welcome, we would definitely recommend both.

Son Cardaix
Food: Breakfast 4 ( we didn’t eat in restaurant as we would have been only ones and looked too quiet)
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 5
Sleep Quality: 4 ( very quiet and peaceful but bed too firm for us)

Costa Dor
Food: 5 ( excellent breakfasts) and welcome drink much appreciated.
Cleanliness: 5
Value for money: 4
Sleep Quality: 3  ( Very comfortable but very thin walls between rooms so could hear neighbours very clearly!)
The aircon in hotel  hadn’t been switched on and we found it too warm at night. 

Don’t want to sound negative as the hotel was beautiful and such an amazing setting, we loved it.

Hope this helps Henrik and thanks again for your assistance, we would definitely choose Rural Hotels Mallorca again.

Kind Regards

TL 05/22


Thank you for your email.

Son Cardaix (5s all round) was a delightful place to stay with charming service, clean, comfortable rooms and very accessible to interesting places.  We would certainly recommend it as we would with the service that you provided us.

Kind regards

CC 08/21

Hi Henrik 

We have had a super holiday and enjoyed all of the locations we have stayed 

Thank you again for everything 

Kind regards

AL 07/21

Hi Henrik,

It was lovely thanks, loved the hotel and would give it a 5, just going to ask for a different room next time.. everything was great from the lovely setting to the food, service and cleanliness and we loved the staff.. I would definitely recommend to friends..

Many Thanks and if you could send some lovely villas you have in Menorca or hotels for the family this summer that would be great we would quite like catered Villa if possible..

Many thanks 

AR 10/21

Hi Henrik
We have arrived and loving Son Cardaix. Thank you for your recommendation.
Thank you

CC 08/21

Hi Henrik
We have arrived and loving Son Cardaix. Thank you for your recommendation.
Thank you

CH 08/21

dear henrik, our stay was wonderful! the view from our room, the pool….top top top! so quit everywhere. nice guests. everything was very very good! espacially the sleeping. the bed where one of the best i ever had. ( i had this quality of beds only in england! the room was most beautiful! next time i would like to have the same! i would absolutely recommend to a friend! good to know about menorca…i will let you know! thank you henrik! all the best,

IK 09/18

Great hotel. Regards

RR 08/18

How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 4, Food: 2, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

KS 07/18

Hi Henrik, Thanks for helping us in Arta, it was great! Let me know if any questions,

CK 07/18

Dear Henrik, We had a wonderful stay at son cardiax. It was so peaceful and relaxing. A real “away from it all haven”. The staff were absolutely lovely and nothing was ever too much trouble. Sebastian is a lovely man so gentle and helpful. We cannot fault our stay here at all and would certainly recommend it to friends.  I would give 5 to everything you asked - cleanliness, service, food, value for money, sleep quality. This is exactly what we hoped it would be and will definitely use you in the future. Once again thank you. Kind regards. 

DB 06/18

Hello, Son  Cardaix was as we expected as we have been 4 times before. All aspects are 5 except food which is a 4 That lower mark is entirely due to the limited menu but we expect that in such a small hotel. All round wonderful 

AB 06/17

Hello Henrik, We had been meaning to report our experience and your Email reminded us. Generally we had a nice time but not without reservations. Here is our feedback about the three hotels. Now the wonderful Son Cardaix near Arta. A beautiful, substantial conversion of an old farm house in lovely peaceful surroundings. The hotel had been equipped with remarkably few guest rooms which added to the feeling of space. Our suite was magnificent with its own secluded terrace. Very friendly laid back staff. Breakfast was good and we had just 1 dinner in the hotel which was very good. Nearby Arta was an interesting small town with plenty of restaurants. Unfortunately it was too far to walk. This was the only snag. We recommend it and would go back. Service: 4.5, Food: 4.5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. First we stayed at the Petit Hotel and Fornalutx. This was an area we knew from last year. The village is very picturesque with a number of good restaurants, bars and cafes and the surrounding countryside spectacular with good walks of various difficulties. The hotel was well positioned for the village which was reachable easily on foot. Parking was an irritation and would have been more so in high season. The hotel we thought was a bit “tired”. Our room was dark with the view visible just through a narrow window obscured by the bathroom built out on the back. The bathroom itself was large but you had to step over the high bath side to get in the shower. Water temperature control was poor and it had a plastic curtain which clung unpleasantly to the body. The beds were comfortable and they were all upgraded with memory foam mattress toppers whilst we were there. We thought the money could have been better spent on the bathrooms. We only ate breakfast in the hotel which was adequate. If we go back to the area we would find somewhere else and would not recommend it to friends. Last year we stayed a C’an Quatre near Soller which was so much better. Service: 3, Food: 3, Cleanliness: 3, Value for money: 3, Sleep quality: 4. Finally Sa Carrotja, Ses Salinas. This is a pretty hotel in a quiet location, surrounded by olive groves and orchards. However, compared with Son Cardaix it was a disappointment, particularly as it was costing more. Our room (not a suite) was quite small with no view. A gravel access road to other properties ran along our side of the hotel within 2 metres of our door. Though not busy, traffic crunched along the road at any time day or night. Horses too, with riders heads bobbing along above the wall. The bed was comfortable though the pillows were a bit firm. Breakfast was quite good and served in the lovely courtyard and available for a long time in the morning. At other times there was a self-serve facility which we used for tea and biscuits some afternoons. We thought it was mean to have been charged for this especially as we were paying a lot for the room. We went into town each evening for dinner. It was just about a walkable distance. Ses Salinas is a neat town with a number of restaurants. We liked it and the surrounding area though it had the feel of a German colony rather than a cosmopolitan holiday place. It rather limited our conversation opportunities. We would probably look for somewhere else to stay if we were to go back to this area. Service: 3, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 2, Sleep quality: 4. I hope this is all helpful

DG 04/17

Hi Henrik, I was going to email you with some feedback, so you beat me to it. We had a wonderful holiday - such a beautiful island. We really enjoyed Son Cardaix - such a lovely, peaceful , rural location. It is about 6-7 kms or 7 mins drive outside of Arta, so you do need a car (which we had).  The finca is gorgeous, the pool and grounds very spacious and well maintained.  The building is clearly old - with an amazing dining room.  They had a lovely terrace where we had breakfast and evening meals (ate in once). The only downside was our room - it was very spacious and we had a sitting room, balcony, bed room and large bathroom.  The issue was the bedroom which basically has two very small square windows above head height - which you couldn't see through so essentially no windows for views. This made it very dark and gloomy.  The sitting room was lovely - however the balcony was effectively built into the roof so had solid walls which were about 5 foot high. So you could only see over if you stood up - when you were sitting down there was no view as the walls blocked the view. Some of the other rooms looked good however.  We would go back but not to that room, and I think people should be told that basically the bedroom has no windows.  I would recommend the hotel to others however. Re your questions: How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: - probably 3 - the reason for this is that there is limited service.  It is a finca and so they largely left you to yourselves. At times it was difficult to find someone. My husband was ill on our last day and I had to hunt around to ask for some toast! However they did kindly allow me to have dinner on my own - having missed the time to book in. Food: My one night (when my husband was ill) that I experienced it was fantastic. Had paella - very authentic and delicious. 5 out of 5 Cleanliness: Excellent 5 out of 5, Value for money: Because of the room experience we were disappointed - whilst huge I like to have a view from my bedroom window. So I would say 2 out of 5, Sleep quality:  Couldn't get the aircon to work. However the bed was comfortable. They didn't have feather pillows - which is a downside for me!  However 4 out of 5. We had stayed at Can Verdera in Fornalutx before going over to Arta - although we booked that directly.  We adored it, so beautiful and such a gorgeous location. Very different to Son Cardaix - which was lovely. We had more of a boutique hotel (Can Verdera) and Son Cardaix more a traditional finca in a wonderful peaceful location. We will definitely use you when we next go to Majorca - may I compliment you on your service and the experience I had of your company. Best wishes

SP 05/17

It is probably the best place we have stayed in on Mallorca. It's a lovely hotel and the family are really nice, so it's relaxing and easy going. The room is really big and perfect for the boys and the pool area is good too. We do feel guilty creating noise in the pool each afternoon as otherwise it is so quiet.  We like all other hotels we have been to with you but Son Cardaix is the best mix of everything. Regards,

CL 07/17

I'd give service 5, cleanliness 5, vale for money 3.5 and sleep quality 3 (very hard mattresses). On the whole though we really enjoyed our stay. The hotel is in a wonderful rural location surrounded by olive trees and sheep. The pool is fantastic and due to the small number of rooms, we almost felt we had our own private villa! The breakfasts are delicious but the paired down evening menu is limiting. The staff are so friendly but it's difficult to ask for a drink etc during the day. We would definitely recommend it to people of all ages looking for a quiet rural retreat. Arta is a fabulous town with lots of of fun restaurants, a great cycle track and wonderful walking.  Thanks for organising it for us Henrique - we would never have found it without you. With best wishes,

EM 04/17

Henrik, In reply to your email regarding our stay at Son Cardaix: It was absolutely beautiful. We had the converted stables which were tucked round the corner from the main building and very peaceful. The rooms were large and airy, a lovely big, comfortable four poster bed and a large, beautifully tiled bathroom with the best walk-in shower we have ever had. We also had a large balcony overlooking the orchards and woods, and a huge sitting room. The gardens were full of colour and beautifully kept and the pool large and spotless with plenty of sun loungers. Everything was tastefully done and no cheap plastic in any of the furnishings inside or out. Breakfasts were plentifull with a great deal of choice and the staff would cook eggs if you so wished. We were a little disappointed with the choice at the evening meal as the main course was limited to either a meat or fish and there was no choice in the other courses. It was however, plentifull and tasty. All the staff were very friendly and helpfull. Thank you again Henrik for all your help and for recommending  this wonderfull place. Lynne. Service.....5 stars, Food...4 stars, Cleanliness.....5 stars, Value for money...5 stars, Sleep quality...5 stars. And yes, we would definitely recommend it to a friend.

LF 09/16

Hi Henrik, We had a fantastic time thank you - great recommendations thanks to you. Son Cardaix was lovely - the food wasn't amazing the night we ate in but the breakfast was lovely and the room was very spacious with air con.  The pool was also really nice and the staff were very accommodating. Many thanks - I'm sure we will be booking again!

HG 08/16

Hello Henrik, We were very pleased with the accommodation and the ambiance of Son Cardiax. Thank you for suggesting the place. There were a couple of things that could be improved.  The main being that there is no bar of way of getting a drink outside meal times or round the pool.  We we arrived we were told that the coffee machine in the dinning area would be available all day but but in practice it was switched off.  When we asked for a coffee we were told to use the machine in our room.  Of less importance was the absence of face flannels. So in summary: Service:  4 but Maria was very helpful. Food: 4 good breakfast and salad lunches but the evening meal on our first day was not very impressive.  We ate out on the other two days at very good places suggested by another guest. Cleanliness:  5, Value for money: 4, Sleep Quality:  4  bed good but poor lighting in bedroom and bathroom.  Could do with a mirror in bedroom. Kind regards

GC 06/16

It was an amazing place. Very calm, huge room, big swimming pool. Very close from Arta and very nice secluded beaches. All 5. Will definitely recommend to friends and go back again.

HM 06/16

Henrik, Son Cardaix was 5 on all counts.  This is a gem hidden away in the Majorcan country side but with access to many facilities in Arta and elsewhere in the quieter NE of the island.  The rooms and public areas are simply but tastefully furnished and very comfortable.  The staff are down to earth,  friendly and very hospitable.  Definitely merits a return visit. Hope that is helpful 

RB 04/16

We loved Son Cardaix . It's a 14 th century plainly modernized finca in pensione style . Minimum staff but always someone around to help of get you what you want . Huge bedroom / sitting room en suite , large bathroom , and terrace . Superb setting - very clean pool. I would have preferred down not foam pillows and more soap - only one bar for four nights . Wine food good plain supper - good breakfast but machine coffee would have preferred cafetere !! Loved our stay and good value compared to the expensive alternatives . Would go again . 

PF 04/16

Henrik, Son Cardaix was 5 on all counts. This is a gem hidden away in the Majorcan country side but with access to many facilities in Arta and elsewhere in the quieter NE of the island.  The rooms and public areas are simply but tastefully furnished and very comfortable.  The staff are down to earth,  friendly and very hospitable.  Definitely merits a return visit. Hope that is helpful.

RC 04/16

Hi Henrik, Sorry for the delay in replying. We had a wonderful holiday thank you. Both places we stayed were wonderful, we’ll definitely go back. Son Cardaix: Service 4, Food 4, Cleanliness 4, Value for money 5, Sleep quality 5. El Encinar: Service 5 (Dolores was delightful), Food 4, Cleanliness 4, Value for money 5, Sleep quality 4   Would definitely recommend both to a friend.  All the best

JA 09/15

Dear Henrik, We had the most wonderfully relaxing stay – please see my feedback below. Many thanks for organising it for us How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5 – the staff were so very wonderful & friendly Food: 4 – tasty, but very large portions, dined alone on our first nigh (I did say it was quiet) Cleanliness: 5 – our room was immaculate Value for money: 4.5 – very good value for money Sleep quality: 5 – very quiet with a large comfy bed Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Most definitely, am looking forward to going there again in future Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay?  If you want a hotel that feels like you are in your own villa but have the hotel extras then this is the place for you.  It was very quiet and peaceful, just what we needed.  All the staff were more than helpful, Maria gave us fabulous tips as to where to go and what to see.  Regards

AB 08/15

Hi Henrik, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. We had a great holiday and Son Cardaix delivered all we had hoped for! The Finca itself was great with lovely ambiance and the staff were incredibly friendly- it felt really like a family concern. we had 2 or 3 meals in the hotel - the food was great and so were the breakfasts. There was perhaps less atmosphere eating in, only because there were so few people around! We did experience a pretty good paella night, when the gardener doubled as waiter!  He did scrub up particularly well! We had an issue on arrival with the extra bed, as for some reason we were expecting a proper bed rather than a camp bed. I think because we were staying for a reasonable length of time and not just a couple of nights. This was quickly sorted out by the receptionist whose name I cannot remember- and a bed was found from Sebastion's house without any fuss whatsoever. The location was just perfect for proximity to Arta; we did a fair amount of driving and found different coves and beaches every day, but often spent the earlier part of the day at the pool - it was great! I think in hindsight Son Cardaix was a bit too quiet for 2 teenagers who found themselves a bit of a captive audience, however the proximity to lots of different beaches was our salvation. The only suggestion I would have is that the rooms should have a bigger fridge to chill water and drinks. I'm not sure a mini bar is wholly appropriate or adequate, particularly over such a long stay! I think we would rate Son Cardaix very highly on all counts certainly 4-5.  Many thanks for all your assistance. Best wishes

NS 08/15

Hi Henrik, We had a lovely stay at Son Cardaix.  It was a great hotel we most enjoyed the position on the hill with a view of the sea in the distance. We had lively lazy afternoons by the pool.  The lunches and dinners were very good and breakfasts also lovely. Sebastian looked after us very well and our top floor suite was very spacious. The hotel gardens were beautifully looked after and with only a small number of rooms it was very peaceful and private but very friendly. We would definitely stay again.  How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 4 Food: 4 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

SC 07/15

Dear Henrik, We had a wonderful holiday in Son Cardaix and would thoroughly recommend it for a place to unwind in the peace and quiet if the countryside a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It was a little like being privileged guests at a country house party where your every wish was taken care of by Maria and Sebastian. Ratings 5 in every category. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you, Kind regards

JB 06/15

Hi Henrick, Sorry for the very late reply. We LOVED son cardaix! The staff were lovely, and it had a real authentic majorcan feel. The pool area was pure tranquillity overlooking the mountains. We also loved the town Arta.  We really didn't want to leave! Service: 5 Food: 4.5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 4.5 Sleep quality: 5 Thanks !

MJ 06/15

Hi Henrik, I hope you are well. Just to say thank you very much for organising our holiday at Son Cardaix. We couldn't have hoped for a happier first family holiday together, we loved Son Cardaix and the team there, Sebastian, Maria and Isabella, to name just a few couldn't have made us feel more welcome and at home. Such a happy, special time. Many thanks again

CW 05/15

Hi Henrik, Yes we had a great holiday thanks.  Here is my feedback: How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5 Food: 5 (breakfast excellent - we didn't have dinner in) Cleanliness:  5 Value for money:  4 Sleep quality: 4 (light duvet would be good instead of blanket) Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely yes - I have already done so. Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Son Cardaix is in a beautiful setting with amazing views over the estate, which we enjoyed walking around.  Our suite was very comfortable and clean, with a large balcony.  Breakfast was excellent and served outside.  Service was friendly and efficient, and we received good advice on restaurants and beaches etc.

TO 04/15

Hi Henrik, We all had a pleasant stay on Mallorca! Thanks for your help! Please find my feedback below. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 4-5 Food: 4-5 Cleanliness: 4-5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 4-5  Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? yes (but don't tell it to everybody...)  Best regards, 

CN 06/14

Hi Henrik, Thank you for email with recommendations, unfortunately didn’t pick up before we went, but never mind. The stormy weather hit the island as we arrived in Pollenca !  fortunately not for long. Son Cardaix was wonderful, a real gem. The suite was beautiful, together with beautifully well kept gardens, the setting truly idealic, the service excellent.  We could see a lot of love was put into this place & I hope all that visit appreciate it, fantastic ! We look forward to returning to Mallorca in September. Thank you  Regards

AS 06/14

Hi Henrik Great time and well looked after by both Hotels. They both score 5 across the board but to be picky I would highlight the pros and cons Sa Carrotta The self-help / honesty system a massive hit and you should encourage all your connections to adopt Initially we were allocated a room in the main house which meant negotiating a steep and spiral staircase—don’t worry we were immediately put in a room within the grounds and on ground level however had this not been possible my wife’s mobility being impaired would have made this stay a nightmare Son Caradaix The ‘eggs’ at breakfast problem has been resolved and fresh eggs offered each day Breakfast was no way near as good as Sa Carrotta and looked ‘mean’ in comparison—more local breads rather than frozen supermarket types are needed –being honest breakfast was boring. On the last day we had a 7.30 start and communications failed and we left without any breakfast at all. The night before we left the hair dryer in both ground floor rooms did not work—Val was far from happy The mesh on windows remains damaged and biting insects were present all the time We would stay again as we love the area but if Sa Carrotta was near we would likely chose over Son Cardiax on the honesty and beakfast offerings. I know it’s not easy to change and keep up with demands but people do make more and more demands and these hotels are priced near the top of the market

MH 06/14

Dear Henrik, Lovely holiday, thank you - would give Son Cadaix 5/5 for all areas.........only suggestions would be a kettle would be good! We were v lucky to be upgraded to a super suite! We are thinking of returning to Mallorca in September - would love to try another Finca/hotel near Arta - similar budget, don't mind self catering - can you tell us what might be available for 4 nights from 12/9?  many thanks

JS 06/14

Hi It was a beautiful hotel and I would love to return. A great find.

PI 09/13

Hi Henrik, We had a great time. Loved Son Cardaix and delicious breakfasts at both hotels. We eat a meal in the hotel one night which was very good and it had a lovely relaxed atmosphere. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service:5 Food:4 Cleanliness:5 Value for money:4 Sleep quality:5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely I will be in touch this time next year!!

RL 08/13

Hi Henrik, This year we had 2 hotels: Sa Bassa Rotja and Son Cardaix, the 2nd was like paradise: quiet, beautiful, magnificant service, spectacular vieuw and garden……. Just one negatieve point: there was no aircon, anyway we had a magnificant week. Sa bassa rotja was also very good: good food, big beautiful swimming pool, beautiful house…….. I hope to come back another time and explore a few other splendid hotels……and when we come to Mallorca we will call you for sure. Big greetings

KL 08/13

Hi Henrik We had a great time again in Mallorca. Each place was very good. Son Cardaix: Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness:5 Value for Money: 5 Sleep quality: 3.5 ( it was very hot and no air con….. the beds are the best though)

PD 08/12

Overall this was a good hotel with great service. The lower rating for breakfast is because they did not have a chill stand/container for cheeses and meats. So, in the heat the cheeses began to sweat. The suite was very good but it did not have air conditioning. Only a fan was available. That worked somewhat but did not help the bedroom become cool enough at night. Service: 5 Food: 4 (but breakfast 3) Cleanliness: 4 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 3.5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

JW 08/12

Hi Henrik, It was AMAZING and we def want to go back. Loved every minute! Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness:5 Value for money:3.5 Sleep quality:3 bed and pillows not particularly comfy for us Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? YES FOR SURE Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Staff WONDERFUL esp the lovely young lady whose name I forget! Food delicious and reasonable. Pool and venue perfect!

NR 07/12


Set amidst emblematic landscapes stands the Son Cardaix Green Tourism hotel, situated on the Artà peninsula in north-eastern Mallorca, an area which has not suffered the pressure of urban development of the rest of the island.

Although the estate dates from the fifteenth century, the house has been painstakingly restored without losing its spirit and Mallorcan character that is both rustic and elegant, offering a combination of technology, ease, comfort and luxury.

The estate’s privileged location close to the sea and the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the Llevant area, as well as four top-class golf courses, enable guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Elegance and sobriety describe the spacious rooms, all fitted with a bathroom, TV, telephone and central heating. Eight of them also have a sitting room with fireplace and four have a terrace. Each room has been decorated in an individual style with antique furniture, but with today’s needs and comforts in mind.

Type Rural Hotel
Rooms 11
Pool 16 x 9m
Children Yes
Open March - November
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
Parking Yes
Extras Pool and large gardens.

Rooms & Rates

Prices are per room and night including breakfast and government taxes (10% VAT). Balearic Eco-tax of 2.20 Euros per person and day is not included in the price.

The prices below are average prices for the defined season and might vary by date. Check availability for best available rate.

You will pay the hotel in the hotel’s local currency (€). The displayed amount in GBP is indicative and based on today’s exchange rate.

Room Seasonal Rates
Room Title
28 Mar - 1 Nov
Double room with terrace
€220 / £189

Spacious room with a double bed, bathroom with shower, TV-SAT, minibar, hairdryer, phone

Suite with one bedroom and a separate living room
€230 / £198

Large room with a double bed, lounge area, bathroom with shower and some also with bathtub, TV-SAT, minibar, hairdryer, phone

Suite with one bedroom, living room and terrace
€270 / £232

Large room with a double bed, private terrace, lounge area, bathroom with shower and some also with bathtub, TV-SAT, minibar, hairdryer, phone

Optional Extras

Children 0-2 years and baby cot: free
Children 2-12 years: €40
Extra adult +12 years: €85