Placa de la Constitucio: central square in Soller

Posted: Thursday, 30th January 2014

If your accommodation in soller is near the village then you will no doubt end up at the Placa de la Constitucio at some point or other during your holiday.

The Placa de la Constitucio is the central square area in the village of Soller and is a fantastic place to use as a meeting point and while you are waiting for your friend to arrive, you can enjoy a good spot of people watching.

There are many small restaurants, cafes and bars located in the square where you can sit down on the tables and chairs out the front and enjoy a bite to eat or a drink. We suggest a freshly squeezed orange juice using locally grown oranges.

This is the perfect spot for watching passers by who are both tourists and locals alike. The old tram called the Orange Express also goes through here, which is a lovely site, especially when passengers are hanging out on the platform.

If you are interested in architecture then there are quite a few notable buildings to check out. You’ll be sure to spot the most iconic building there – the Sant Bartolomeu church – but there is also the town hall.

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