Hi Henrik,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Mallorca, and to thank you for your help. In these days of Google and do -it-yourself travel and overwhelming choice, it was such a relief to have a rapid response from you with excellently curated suggestions that suited us perfectly. Both hotels were lovely. We liked Son Grec the better of the two for its peaceful garden, sparkling pool and beautiful rooms set in the perfect location within the heart of the town.  Having said that, Son Jaumell will have very special memories for us since Tim proposed to me there! 
If we had one criticism to make of Son Grec ( and this is tiny and just meant as feedback) we would suggest that they make a little bit more effort over the lunch offerings. Most people do not want to leave such a gorgeous place twice during the day to eat out at a restaurant in the town. If they were to get someone to just do one easy “special of the day” ,— something really simple like a good tortilla or a good vegetable dish, or a bowl of cooked prawns with aioli,  that would add some variety to the menu for those who are staying longer than a couple of days. It shouldn’t be too difficult and shouldn’t require a special chef. Anyway— that was our thought. 
Once again, thank you very much, and we will certainly remember to come back to you when we are planning our next trip.
With best wishes

MF 08/21

Son Grec was delightful and I would give top marks in all areas. I have already encouraged my daughter to visit and will recommend it to others. We found Son Grec to be a peaceful haven in a lovely semi-rural environment. The house, pool and room were perfect and the service outstanding. Mallorca at its best!

BW 06/21

Hi Henrik, We had a wonderful stay at the Son Grec. We would score 5 on all of your criteria, and we would definitely recommend to a friend, in fact we already have to a few friends. It is a wonderful family luxury hotel. The place is very relaxing as it was so quiet and peaceful. The food and service were fantastic. The rooms, pool and eating areas were spotless. Marvellously friendly and they were hugely helpful around recommending transport and restaurants, our vegan needs and our walking programme. We had a fabulous 8 day stay and will definitely return, and we would not hesitate to recommend to a friend. The only downside is that the hotel restaurant does not offer supper as the food was delicious (but we fully understand why) and the hotel entrance which is on a blind corner and you need to be careful with exit and egress. Many thanks for your recommendation.

CD 09/19

Hi Henrik, We had a wonderful time - and I would give 5 to all of the categories. Nothing was too much trouble ( except for not having a guest computer ) The breakfast was lovely , fresh and a little variety each day. The pool was beautiful and tranquil and having access to the bar was wonderful. The only criticism would be that drinking water should have been provided each day in the room and not just for the first night. The guests who stayed there were also lovely people which made the holiday even more relaxing. The walk into Soller was no trouble except late at night when the street lights weren’t great. Lots of dogs barking which was a little alarming when you don’t expect it. I would like to thank you for the extra effort you went to to ensure that our break away was indeed as relaxing as it could be. Many thanks and I’m sure we will be back soon. 

MC 07/19

Hi Henrik, Thank you for arranging the transfer it was most appreciated. We had a very enjoyable time at the Son Grec which was lovely and the staff were fantastic. Whilst there we drove around and went to some other hotels that you represent Sa padressa sorry for the spelling looked particularly nice so we shall be in touch regarding that hotel maybe you could send me some rates and others which you would recommend elsewhere in Majorca. Thank You

AM 09/19

Hi Henrik, Wow, what a fab holiday!!!!!! Son Grec was fab as always, lovely welcome and fantastic food. We are considering taking my mum there for a week in June next year, would you be able to get a price for us? We are looking to go 1st week of June, we’ll need 2 rooms and if you could get a quote for all rooms which are currently available. It is frustrating that they don’t do food in the evening but we feel that we don’t mind taking taxis to the port as this is the sort of holiday mum would prefer. Fontsanta was amazing, from the moment we arrived we relaxed and were totally spoilt by the staff, surroundings and superb food. WOW. We have looked at going to their sisters hotel Sonnet?  we couldn’t get any prices from the website.... could you advise availability for 4 nights in September 2019 and 2020. Arriving 2nd week on a Thursday and leaving on Monday for both I’ll write a few reviews for you soon, huge thank you for all your help, we had a wonderful holiday, perfect!! Kindest regards

JJ 06/19

Hi Henrik, We would score 5 for all aspects of the hotel. Thanks for booking the taxi for us.

MG 06/19

Dear Henrik,

We are just back from our holiday and enjoyed it very much.

Here are our thoughts:

Service 5
Food 5
Cleanliness 5
Value for money 5 
Sleep quality 5
This is a wonderful paradise with remarkable attention to detail. When we booked we were aware that dinner was served on 5 nights and we were prepared to go out on some evenings but when we arrived we found that all dinners had been cancelled due to lack of support from the guests so this was a disappointment. Breakfast and lunch was just right.
Just one small niggle———— we paid our bill which was over 2000 euros and by the time we arrived home we had an email saying we had not paid for 2 bottles of water so our card was debited with 4 euros!!!!!!  not good customer relations.
Probably would recommend it specially if they brought dinner back because the situation is so lovely.

Service 5
Food 4
Cleanliness 5
Value for money 4
Sleep quality 5
We found that breakfast was very good and varied but lunches were too heavy. We didn’t want hot meals at lunch time, salads and light snacks would be more acceptable. Also dinner is fine but the menu doesn’t change often enough especially if you are staying in each evening.   
On our last night there were some specials!
We would recommend it to a friend particularly if they were looking for peace and tranquility.

Thank you for all your arrangements and transfers, it all went smoothly.

Kind regards

AD 05/19

Hi Henrik, We had a lovely time, thank you. My feedback is easy: I’d give it 5 for everything, apart from value for money for which I’d give it a 4.   I think if they dropped the prices a bit the hotel might be a tad busier, that’s all.  There’s a lot of competition out there, in that bracket, and the location is unremarkable tho quiet and handy for the Soller area if that’s where you want to be. We really loved everything about the hotel itself and can’t fault it in any way.  I’m not sure whether they provide food every night; it wasn’t clear.  it might be worth pointing out to people, that’s all.  It’s no problem as there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy in Soller. If you’re looking for a very quiet, super friendly, spotlessly clean and beautifully done-up boutique hotel with a private house feel then this is the place to go.  We felt really relaxed, peaceful and calm there. Would thoroughly recommend. Kind regards

LH 08/18

Hi Henrik, Thanks for following up - I have been meaning to drop you a line. These were two of the best boutique hotels we have ever stayed at. Son Grec is quite a find. Kind of an updated version of Sa Pedrissa in a slightly odd position but more than balanced by the quite exceptional level of service and attention to detail. It scores 5 on every count. Easy walk to the town and a nearby tram (to the port) stop. Meant that our car hardly moved during our 4 day stay. Lovely grounds, attentive service, good food - we enjoyed the Tapas evening - and another hotel we will revisit.  Sa Pedrissa enjoys a wonderful setting with magnificent views exemplary service and will score 5 on all counts except, perhaps, value for money. I (now!) know that Deia is expensive so guess it is market rate. We hired ebikes to better explore the neighbouring sights and restaurants. We ate in for one dinner and really enjoyed the food. Only slight nag was that room one does not enjoy a sea view from the room as we had booked. Really had no affect on our enjoyment and we certainly will return. We have already recommended both hotels to everyone who has asked as well as your own services - which we will also revisit when next heading that way. Best

AM 07/18

The staff/team were exceptional & service was on a very personal level. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: - 5, Food: - 5, Cleanliness: - 4, Value for money: - 4, Sleep quality: - 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? - YES

SG 07/18

Hi Hendrik, Thanks so much for booking this hotel for us, it was fantastic. I would rate as follows: Service 5, Food 4/5, Cleanliness  5, Value for money 5, Sleep quality 5. I would recommend this hotel to a friend. Son Grec is the loveliest hotel. Very quiet, very small and lovely staff.  Perfect in every way.  The gardens are beautiful, the poolside very peaceful.  It’s a gem! Best wishes

MG 06/18

Dear Henrik, We have just had the most fantastic time at Son Grec. Thank you so much for recommending this special place to us, we are really grateful to you. Jose and his team are quite special, their attention to detail is outstanding, and their warmth and friendliness was very genuine.  Another special holiday for us, thanks to you.  All good wishes 

SA 05/18

Absolutely fantastic! We are definitely going back to this hotel!

SA 06/17

Hi Henrik, Thank you for your email. We had a wonderful holiday at Son Grec, nothing was too much trouble for them. With regards to the questions you asked, we would give all of them 5  As for recommending the hotel of course we would, but I don't want to as this means it will become too popular and we want to keep this little gem all to ourselves !! Many thanks for helping us with our booking, and we will definitely use you again. Kind Regards

LH 07/17


Where the transience of time yields to the elegance of silence, Son Grec emerges amidst the greenery of its very special surroundings.

Sóller, the stage of Mallorca from which we can enjoy olive trees, rugged peaks and the balmy breezes of the Mediterranean, embraces a valley of orange trees twinned with the magnetism of its nature. Discover the beauty of this welcoming village, with its touches of Art Nouveau design and traditional Mallorcan architecture. Cosy, hospitable, unforgettable. Where the passing of a century-old train fuses echoes of the past with an ever-glowing present.

Today in this young millennium, in an original eighteenth-century Mallorcan villa (fully renovated to respect its age, character and history) Son Grec gratifies the traveller’s every wish.

In the heart of the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Son Grec is the accomplishment of a dream; a family project that turns the Mallorca’s priceless heritage into a new and welcoming home for each guest.

Wooden beds inlaid with marquetry, spacious suites with stunning baths, a scent from another era, fruit trees … Free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas, satellite HD TV with over 20 international channels, gym, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor lounges, reading areas, treatment and wellness areas, restaurant, private dinners and meals, activities, excursions, local and international to a tee…

Gardens with subtle Asian hints and pieces by Joan Bennàssar, Gloria Mas, José Manuel Menéndez Rojas, María Carbonero, Francesca Martí and Joan Soler, amongst others. Art and nature as one, evoking the deepest essence of this island. Rural Mallorca, historical Mallorca, the Mallorca that turns its back on the city to create a way for peace. A developed setting which has cleverly preserved its heritage. The result is an unpretentious luxury going well beyond the needs of anyone crossing the threshold of its historic entrance.

When it comes to food Son Grec is committed to its roots. This is why its cuisine has to follow the same guidelines respecting a roadmap signposted by what its history has passed down and what its culture prescribes. Mallorca and Spain define the character of an offering reflecting the island’s seasonal produce and traditional recipes. Again, the mentality is local but the vision is global.

Welcome to Son Grec!


Type Boutique Hotel
Rooms 12
Pool 12 x 8 m
Children Minimum 18 years old
Open March - November
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast and lunch between 1 - 4.30 pm. 
Parking Yes
Extras Gym, treatments and wellness area.