Dear Henrik, we had a wonderful time at Vall de Pollensa, I would give it 5 on all counts.  We ate there every night, the food was excellent.  So if you would like a couple of sentences for your website, here they are: Vall de Pollensa is a beautiful old farmhouse converted into a hotel.  From our very generous balcony, we could see the magnificent hills, ever changing as the sun moved round, we walked in the extensive gardens, picked and ate the fruit.  Our welcome was so warm, our dinners delightful.  Plenty of interesting places to visit nearby.  Although we hired a car, another couple had organised everything by taxi, train and bus, so everything is possible.

MC 09/18

Hi Henrik, Yes it was a nice stay thank you. Please see my answers below. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 4, Food: 3, Cleanliness: 3, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 4. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes. Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Very nice and peaceful. Vall de Pollenca is in an ‘off the beaten track’ location so you need a car. It is suitable for couples seeking peace and quiet.  Many thanks

NR 07/18

Hi, Just wanted to say belatedly that the three fincas were great - many thanks for your help and recommendations. Loved both Vall de Pollenca and Na Martina. Only small point is that I think that the one near Arta that we stayed in could have improved its food (El Encinar). Cook was a lovely lady but food rather basic and over salted compared with the other two we stayed in. Though place was lovely. Food at the other two and everything else was fantastic. Will recommend you to others if I hear anyone else is heading that way.

JD 07/18

Dear Henrik, My apologies for the late reply - I have now copied the ratings for the two hotels we stayed at, Vall de Pollenca and El Figueral: Vall de Pollenca: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness:  5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 5. Very nice place and very friendly staff, the room would have benefitted with slightly more storage space for clothes (although we managed fine). The other thing to get used to was the drive-way to the hotel (this could do with re-surfacing). El Figueral: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness:  5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Very helpful and friendly staff (especially after an unfortunate encounter with a jellyfish, when the landlady was very good in giving us Aloe Vera which did an amazing job getting the inflammation better). Kind regards,

WZ 09/17

Hi Hendrik, Had a lovely holiday, weather was a bit mixed but we still had the heat and enjoyed exploring. First hotel we went to, Vall de Pollenca was great, lovely place, great food and staff and quite close to town if you want to. We ate there every evening, great paella. Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Second hotel we went to, Finca Castell is again a lovely place but more remote, not at all easy to go out at night. Food was very expensive @ 30 euro for a small portion of over rich food. Don't think many people had more than the first nights meal, like us. If the food was 15/18 euros with a much better selection, like the Val Pollenca, they would do well. Food: 3, Cleanliness:  5, Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 4 (sheet only on the bed). Would recommend Vall de Pollenca to friends.

JO 09/17

Hello there!  I should have emailed you earlier to say thank you for all your help it was AMAZING! 5 stars all the way. The staff were so lovely and helpful the food was incredible and the room was perfect!  The pool was glorious too!  The whole place was just beautiful and perfect. The only sad thing was the little pony there, Minut! Have you met him? He's on his own- heart breaking! Wanted to take him home to our field (we have 5 horses). I've been recommending your website to loads of people! On the last day it was cool enough to explore old Pollenca without dying of heat exhaustion and there was a gorgeous ceramic shop which was closed! So gutted. They had the most beautiful bowls. But they don't have a website! How annoyingly typical is that?! I would have filled a suitcase with their stuff if it had been open! Anyway thanks again for your excellent help!

GG 08/17

Hi Henrik, Overall we were disappointed with the hotel- it's very dark inside and really lacks much style. Our room whilst clean and quiet had only a tiny window needing lamps on even in the day time. Breakfast was very uninspiring as was the service in general. We thought the grounds tired and the whole place in need of an Injection of cash, style and professional management . The access is bumpy at best but what wasn't mentioned is in heavy rain the track is almost impassable. We have stayed at much better hotels in  the region so won't be recommending it etc.Its worth saying the trip adviser reviews seem describe a very different set up. Best wishes 

CP 06/17

Dear Henrik, We had a perfect holiday. We rate the small rural hotel five stars on all your list of five considerations. The wonderful waiter, there was only one, who worked in the kitchen and did a lot of other jobs excelled in warmth, humour and friendliness.  I wish I had been warned about the terrible stony track up to the hotel, it was not for the faint-hearted, one track only, if you met something it was a nightmare with all the boulders at the side, reversing 50 metres on the steep hill was just awful. It could so easily be improved with the removal of a few obstructing boulders! Nevertheless, we loved the tranquility and seclusion, beautifully situated close to the beautiful town of Pollença. We would go back again, just the sort of hotel that suits us. Ps Gold Star car hire at Palma airport was terrible, the queue to collect the car was 3 hours wait. In the end we chucked in our reservation as it was getting dark and picked up a car from another company. We lost our money of course. We could not stand there for three hours without sitting down. My husband is 81 years old! You may like to know this. Thank you for you help

MP 05/17

Hi Henrick, With pleasure, we were very satisfied with our brief stay: Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay?  Peaceful retreat in a delightful rural setting.  Comfortable room with pleasant balcony terrace with views of Tramauntana mountains.  Very helpful manager and staff made us welcome and accommodated our needs.  Excellent location – 20 minutes from the heart of the mountains and the Formentor coast alike gave us access to all we wanted.  We were a little too early in the season to enjoy the unheated pool. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes. Best Regards

JO 04/17

So peaceful and relaxing. Fantastic location, ideal for Pollensa and surrounding area. Fantastic hospitality from Xavi and Maria. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service:5, Food:5, Cleanliness:5, Value for money:4, Sleep quality:5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely! Regards

JP 09/16

Hi Hendrick, No problem, Val de Pollenca was lovely, the managers were great. The room we paid for was tiny and too small for us, the shower was not good with a bad shower head which I would suggest they replace but otherwise it was lovely but we decided to have our last night on the west coast. The food was exceptional and we loved it so much that we had dinner there the whole time except the first night. So all is all a lovely hotel but if we stayed there again we would pay for a larger room. Na Martina was also very nice, great hosts and lovely food. To be honest we were not that keen on the area so wouldn't go there again, the beaches were so crowded and there wasn't much else to do once we had seen Portopueto and Santyani which were lovely  but I think we were just in love with the west coast and so no where else was going to be as nice. Both hotels were clean and we had value for money. We are thinking of coming back for a few nights in early December and so do you have any fincas or hotels in the Deia area? All the best

CA 09/16

See below, many thanks. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 3 - a bit cramped. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

MM 09/16

Henrik, We have just returned and enjoyed our stay in Mallorca very much. It Is difficult to fit our experience of Vall de Pollenca into your 1 – 5 categories but we would like to share our thoughts. Vall de Pollenca is in a magnificent position the newly refurbished main road gives easy access to Pollenca, Port du Pollenca, Formantor and Soller. We were lucky in having room number 5 which had a great balcony with amazing views across the hills to the Cap. The people on site were running it as managers, they spoke good English and were efficient when available. We only stayed in for dinner on the first night and the food which is prepared in a small kitchen was fine. There is a honesty bar which had a few wines to choose from and a small selection of spirits. Breakfasts were a selection of hams and cheeses, bead which we could toast with jams etc, teas and coffees. There was an option for eggs, bacon etc all served well and quickly. Our room was clean but we had only one change of towels and bed sheets, water was hot with a shower that worked with modest pressure Vall de Pollenca is an old building which being polite could be called rustic but in reality is in need of much repair, our overall experience of the place was that it was ok but could have been so much better. Tired carpets on stairs the terraces needed re levelling, the managers were not always on site and were sometimes difficult to find. There was almost no local information or ideas about areas of interest but when asked our hosts could be quite helpful although as they were not local to the area were not able to help us that much. At times they seemed busy and a little abrupt although we would not call the rude. There was so much more potential, we didn’t eat there again as the menu stayed the same each day, there were some good homemade breads or cakes but little enthusiasm to share some quality local produce of the day. Our hosts were moving back to Palma end Oct and it may be why there was little incentive to really show the guests some local hospitality. Overall Vall de Pollenca was just  ok the hosts and staff were friendly and pleasant but we had hoped for more from this great location. We saw some of the other rooms and we were lucky to have had no. 5 so many thanks if you managed this for us.  If Vall de Pollenca  will remain serviceable for next year without some work and attention is questionable you can’t hide everything with dull lighting. Hopefully the owner will spend some time and money on the place, we would not return there although overall we did greatly enjoyed our holiday. Best regards

RL 09/16

Hi Henrik, We had a fantastic time thank you. Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes, we may also consider returning next year. Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Very friendly family run hotel, quiet and relaxing, excellent breakfast, lovely views to the mountains, would highly recommend this hotel. Thanks.  

NG 08/15

Very pleasant stay at Vall de Pollenca. Service - 5 Food - 4 Cleanliness - 4 Value for money - 5 Sleep quality - 5 Would recommend to a friend. We were disappointed that the orange juice at breakfast was not freshly squeezed as offered at every other restaurant and hotel we visited, but a very ordinary weak replacement. The access road was a surprise - very poor condition.   Perhaps more emphasis could be made on the fact that it is basically unmade. Would use your service again - thank you.

KW 09/15

Vall de Pollensa Service: 3 Food: 3 Cleanliness: 4 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality:4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? In some respects  Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? This is a tricky one to write, but just goes to show how important the initial welcome is in unalterably colouring your views on a place… Firstly, the building is beautiful, in a serene setting with gorgeous views and plenty of places to relax. The rooms are fine – more on these later though. You get to the hotel by driving up an horrendously potholed and bumpy drive – if you’ve been out for a meal it can make you feel extremely nauseous and they really should do something to smooth it out a little. I know it’s agrotourism but this is taking things to an extreme. So – to the welcome. We were asked to email our proposed arrival time to the hotel – which we did. We arrived within 10 minutes of the suggested time, but there was no-one there. We looked around everywhere, rang the bell, asked a strange ancient German guest if he’d seen anyone but, nothing. I emailed the owner just tio say ‘We’re here’, but another 20 minutes passed and we were hot, increasingly bothered and getting a little annoyed. Then I noticed a sheet of paper on a table with my details on and a key next to it. Room 9 it said on the paper. So thinking this must have been left for us I set off in search of the room – but there were no numbers on the doors. So I tried the key in two or three and eventually one opened! It seemed to be what we had booked - superior double with balcony, empty and obviously set up for arrivals - so we piled in and unpacked. An hour or so later, nearly 2 hours after we’d arrived, I was called from the pool by the guy who was supposed to have met us originally. No apology for him not being there – he’d been in town eating, he said. And we were in the wrong room. “It’s a suite – it’s more expensive. You pay more or you move!” That was it. Again no apology. No recognition of any inconvenience whatsoever. I pointed out (surprisingly calmly!) that this was in no way our fault, and at no stage did I ask to stay in the room - it was an understandable mistake. But no offer to help us relocate. Nor did he show us around the place and explain anything about how things worked.  So we repacked and in deep humiliation had to walk past the other guests dragging our bags to room 9 (which incidentally was lovely and in some ways better than the suite (rom 5) we’d originally gone into. We learned room 5 cost another 85 euros per night! Not really worth it. By now we were very upset and having come from such a wonderful hotel (Ca’n Reus in Fornatlutx) to this was such a let down. I emailed the owner to tell him how disgusted we were at the handling of the situation and also Henrik our travel arranger at (who was brilliant by the way). The owner responded almost immediately with fulsome apologies and told us we’d be put in the suite for the remainder of our stay at no extra charge. This was a nice gesture, but I didn’t want the suggestion to be any complaint about the standard of the room we were meant to be in – it was lovely. So although we were placated, it did mean that we were finding the kinds of faults we’d have laughed off to be more annoying – like the arrangements at breakfast where some thought around where things are placed would stop the elbow barging and claustrophobia. There’s was no mention of the evening dinners that were supposed to be available. The complimentary soaps in the bathroom weren’t renewed at all. We were given pool towels but these disappeared. The shower head fell off. And the drive…!!! Nearby Pollenca is fantastic – great vibe / restaurants etc (Can Costa a must one night – pricey but worth it). Cala Sant Vicenc was nice too – Cala Molins there being best. Overall we had a very nice stay, but the welcome meant that at no stage were we truly relaxed in the hotel which was a shame. Thanks to the owner Miguel Angel for trying to put it right (and the level of service generally went up five notches when he arrived in person) but if you are going to let things be ‘laissez faire’ there needs to be rigorous process underlying it which is what Ca’n Reus in Fornalutx did so well.

DE 08/15

We enjoyed Vall de Pollenca, but one or two reservations. We found the room cramped & bathroom narrow. Breakfast deserved a 4. Our one dinner was ok. Service was 3, one weakness was no ice available, unforgiveable given the heat! Water was only on offer if bought, so easy to provide some in the room. Cleanliness & value for money 3/4. We did have a delightful balcony below our room, v. spacious & comfortable. The pool was good & clean. Regards

CA 08/15

Hello Henrik, Today we are back from Madrid. But first we had 4 magnificent days in Val Pollenca, realy , we loved the place, nice people, quiet, not far from the town and the beach, we enjoyed very much our dinner (we had a private restaurant that night)....... Thanks again for the excellent organisation. We went to Sa Calobra, to Bar Nou in Pollenca, we lunched at MonnaberNou (again),  we lunched in Santa Maria at Sa Sini (again)......... I hope we can come again and I'll definitly continue to make publicity for your website. My best friend Gina is leaving next week for 10 days Mallorca.........Exciting what they will find about it. Once again thanks for your nice present, we realy enjoyed it!!!! Hoping to book with you again. Greetings

KL 07/15

Hi Henrik, Our stay at Vall de Pollensa was very nice. I would give it four 5s and a 4 as I thought it was a little expensive compared with other places at which we have stayed on Mallorca. Also it wasn't quite as near / in the mountains as we would have liked but we will put that right next year. Overall, a lovely stay and we would recommend the place to anyone. Best regards

CB 06/15

Dear Henrik, What a delightful place to stay! Service: 5 Food: 3/4 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality: some local problems for which we were generously compensated. Yes, I would recommend this hotel. Yes, I would return. (We would have liked some better Spanish white wine - perhaps a rioja??) Regards,

AR 09/14

Dear Henrik, thx, yes, everything was fine. See my answers about your questions.  Vall Pollenca Service:  4 Food: 4 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 3-4 Sleep quality: 3-4 very authentic Hotel With best regards

SM 03/15

Henrik, Thank-you for your email we had a very good holiday, the first place we stayed Ca'n Reus we would give a 5, we loved the village and the area around,the staff and owner looked after us very well, we would defiantly recommend Ca'n Reus to our friends and hope to return again. The second place Vall de Pollenca was also very very nice again we would give a 5, for the setting the staff were amazing in the way that nothing was to much trouble,food could have been better they have a very small menu, and the room we stayed in had a broken bed,so i am giving them 4 out of 5, We would still go back for a holiday as the staff and setting made up for the bed and small menu.  all in all we did have a good holiday thank you.

SC 09/14

Dear Henrik We had a wonderful holiday, thank you for helping us choose where to stay and for your suggestions. Val de Pollenca How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality:4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? As above, a really lovely place to stay, great service from Miguel, Adriana and Bobbi, really enjoyed our time there.

JA 08/14

Dear Henrik, We had a wonderful holiday, thank you for helping us choose where to stay and for your suggestions. Val de Pollenca How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality:4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? As above, a really lovely place to stay, great service from Miguel, Adriana and Bobbi, really enjoyed our time there.

JA 08/14

Hello Henrik My Husband and I really enjoyed our stay at Vall de Pollenca we found it a very relaxing place with beautiful views of the tramuntanas and down towards the bay. We found Bobbie and his wife Adriana very helpful and we were made very welcome. We have already recommended the hotel to several of our friends and as regular visitors to the area (usually twice or three times per year) we will definitely be returning to Vall de Pollenca. We would rate the following: Food 4 cleanliness 5 value for money 5 sleep quality 5 Kind Regards

MB 06/14

Dear Henrik, Thanks for your message and am happy to respond to your request. We had a good stay and am happy to respond to your questions. Service:it was quite quiet when we were there, but the two staff who are there permanently were very friendly and attentive (4) Food:only breakfast was available as the house was not full so can only talk about that (3) Cleanliness:the hotel and the room was very clean and well furnished (5) Value for money:the hotel was very peaceful, in a lovely setting and well appointed.  We would certainly recommend it (4) Sleep quality:it was a lovely quiet hotel and a nice room with a terrace, so peaceful at night (5) I hope that you can use the points above for the sentences on the hotel but if you need more let me know We will certainly be in touch again when we next travel to Mallorca and are looking for a hotel

CS 05/14

Hi Henrik, A brief email to say thanks for your advice and steer towards Vall de Pollenca. Thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days - lovely location and beautiful surroundings. Again many thanks. Much enjoyed. Regards

WH 09/13

Hi Henrik, Please see below. Thanks How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 3 The people are fantastic and will always help but given you do everything yourself there isn't really much service to talk about, I do think it would be nice to get a coffee brought to you, buy and ice cream and have a decent lunch if you stay there for the day Food: 4 for breakfast but they need to offer more than two sandwiches for lunch, we weren't offered anything else on the day we asked if we could order anything. We didn't try dinner. One of my pet gripes is when orange juice isn't freshly squeezed or at least fresh from a bottle, that just me though! Cleanliness: In general 5 but the pool wasn't nice for two days and I did have to ask why this was. if got better as the week went on but it still wasn't clear at any point. That was a major pain for me as I generally enjoy a dip in the pool and although it didn't stop me it wasn't great Value for money: 3 The terrace was fantastic but the room standard isn't amazing. I feel they charge hotel prices but don't have any of the service, the service was really lacking as obviously you do everything yourself. Given it is ultimately a B&B I think it is a bit off to charge £2.50 for a nespresso coffee when there aren't coffee facilities in your room. In essence it's £2.50 to make your own coffee, I have one at home it's £0.25.  Sleep quality: 5 absolutely fantastic although we did have an incident with something in the wall one night which means we lost a good nights sleep but that isn't really their fault. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend?  I would tell everyone if they would just make some really small changes. If you want to have a relaxing holiday, it's not that relaxing as the loungers around the pool are uncomfortable, get some cushioned ones and it would be perfect. Also it would be good if they encouraged or offered lunch as it felt like a bit of a hassle although they were lovely when we did ask. If they did the above this would be an amazing place to just relax. If you're road cycling like I was the drive/track was a major challenge but also part of he charm. Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Fantastic house, fantastic location and very relaxing. They need to raise the bar a touch to warrant what is ultimately a hotel price, if they did that I would be back. The breakfast in the morning was fantastic as was the mountain view, a really relaxing way to start the day. 

JG 07/13

Dear Henrik, I was more than pleased with the hotel. Is is an oasis within Mallorca, a bit of paradise. Service:5 Food:5 Cleanliness:4 Value for money:4 Sleep quality:4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes

CH 05/13

We had a lovely time at Vall Pollensa. It was peaceful and rural and great to wander among the old olive trees My comments would be: Wonderful, welcoming people: Miguel, and Bobbie and Adriana who are there all the time. Very friendly and helpful. We were all offered a cooked breakfast of eggs, and could help ourselves to a terrific array of other breakfast food as well, which was unexpected and delightful. My view is that with a few small extra touches, it would feel even better, for example: I would have liked a second pillow – maybe put 2 extras in the cupboard (I used a cushion under my pillow, but not really satisfactory) The bath towels need to be bigger, and not so thin – just add the touch of something more welcoming. Only supermarket-type hand soap in a dispenser and 2 small bottles of hair/shower gel – so no cake of soap for the shower. A mirror in the bedroom would have been useful as the bathroom was small with no surface other than a very small cabinet with 3 small drawers. The bedroom was quite dark, but that is because of small windows and thick walls. We were pleased we had a balcony, which was wonderful and spacious and made a huge difference. I think a great deal of care has been taken with antique furniture and traditional pieces, which are lovely. If you combined that with fluffier, bigger towels, an extra pillow or two, a waste paper basket in the bedroom, a mirror in the bedroom, better soap, a box of tissues, etc – it would make it even better. Small things but a big difference to the feel of a place. That said, it was not at all over-priced and the friendliness and peace of the place was wonderful. The pool was just big enough, with plenty of loungers – but the outside shower to rinse off the chlorine was not working. Apparently it uses mountain rain water (a really good thing) but has no pump so did not work at all. We asked for towels for the pool and beach, and they were perfect, big and useful. All the above are merely suggestions, but there is one thing that we found more difficult. It says in the information in the bedrooms that if you let them know you want dinner there before 4 pm in the afternoon, that will be fine. However, when we did that, they said the rooms were full and they couldn’t manage it, or the next evening! They did accommodate us the second night and obviously the third night was fine with all that notice, but it seems that, because Adriana does all the cooking in a tiny kitchen (she’s great and the food is good) they can’t really cater for more than 8 people at a time in reality… Overall, a lovely, peaceful friendly place. I hope this was helpful, Henrik. All best wishes.


GR 09/12


In the valley Sa Vall den March, 5 km from Pollenca, you will find the old finca Vall de Pollensa which is located between the sea and the mountains (15 km from the monastery of Lluc and Port de Pollenca).

A few kilometres from the hotel you have the old town Pollenca, a charming place full of history and character. Enjoy a relaxed stroll through the picturesque lanes which will reveal little shops, restaurants, historic buildings, art galleries and arts and crafts workshops….

In the vicinity there are other beautiful landscapes to explore, such as the bay of Pollenca and the cove of San Vincente, the cape and the beaches of Formentor and the peninsula Victoria, the Tramuntana mountains, the famous monastery of Lluc, the national park Albufera with its wealth of birds, and lots more.

The hotel offers Wifi, a BBQ area, and a well-stocked bar.

This is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday surrounded by beautiful nature and peace & quiet. Vall de Pollensa is also the ideal starting point for excursions into the surrounding area – whether in the mountains or by the sea, for hiking, biking, wellness, horse riding, golf, water sports or boat trips.

Type Rural Hotel
Rooms 9
Pool 11 x 6m
Children Minimum 18 years
Open April - October
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast and dinner on request.
Parking Yes
Extras Peaceful and quiet.