Dear Henrik, We really enjoyed our stay at the Mar y Vent. It was as you described, a bit rustic but the location was wonderful and we would certainly return and recommend it. Service 4 they were very helpful especially with the car parking! Food 3 the breakfasts were fine but lacking in variety Cleanliness 4. Value for money 4. Sleep quality 4 it was very peaceful. Thank you for recommending the hotel, it was just right for us and we loved the village. Best wishes

DL 09/18

Dear Henrik, The choice of Mar i Vent for our holiday was a great success. The owner and his family/staff were always pleasant and efficient and this must be one of the least spoilt villages on the island. Comments on the scale you ask for are: Service: 5. Food: 5 at the price range (could be more variety in the menu but the regular options were excellent). Cleanliness: 5. Value for money: 5. Sleep quality:5. except that one room was disturbed on two early mornings by noisy repairs going on outside. The rooms were spacious, comfortable and well furnished. Overall, a perfect atmosphere for a relaxed holiday, with very good service (including parking, which would have been a headache otherwise). There was a good balance between allowing children to have fun without interfering too much with a peaceful setting for adults. Yes we would recommend the hotel to others with the same ideas as us. Best wishes,

ML 08/18

Great location. lovely village. Off the beaten track feel. Family run hotel. They are a little bit set in their ways - so service is 'house style', but at the same time is really has a local charm. I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Its a whisker away from 4 stars, but the family-run - 'we’ll do it our way ‘ style probably prefers to keep itself at 3 star. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 3, Food: 3, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:4. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? YES!

BB 08/18

Good morning Henrik, We had a pleasant stay in Mallorca, thank you. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your part in our holiday. From booking our hotel to arranging the transfer, which was on time and very comfortable. I would have no hesitation in using your services again and would certainly recommend Rural Hotels Mallorca. You were correct about the village of Banyalbufar, it is a very beautiful part of the Island. Hotel Mar i Vent has a great location and the views from our room were stunning. With regard to the Hotel itself, I'm afraid it left us somewhat disappointed. I hesitate to be truly negative about Mar i Vent, given that it is a 3 star hotel but I have stayed in many hotels around the world and a few points about Mar i Vent actually left me speechless. On our first evening we enquired about a table for dinner and were curtly informed that tables were for residents only. When I reminded the waiter that we were in fact residents he allowed us to be seated. On producing the menu (a single a4 sheet of paper with two choices of starter and main) we decided to go elsewhere. I had thought that perhaps the waiter had assumed we were staying half board and that this was a set menu as nothing was priced. Allowing them another chance we decided to give it another try a few nights later. Unfortunately the same menu was produced, again with no prices. As we had baby with us, we decided to eat anyway. Timing is everything with a 5 month old child! The food was ok but certainly not up to the standard of other restaurants in the area. The hotel had a very large and well equipped kitchen so I just failed to understand the reason for such a limited menu. Breakfast was the usual fare but not without it's quirks. Water for guests was served from a single 1.5l plastic bottle which frequently ran out and on more than one occasion it had to be requested that another bottle be made available. It just seemed strange that a hotel would try to service 8 or 10 tables of guests with a single bottle of water. Like many things with Mar i Vent, small changes would make a big difference. The pool area was a nice place to be, quiet and relaxing. The pool on the other hand was disgusting. By halfway through our holiday, vents at the bottom of the pool were no longer visible. I actually witnessed them filling the pool with a hose..  When the pool was cleaned, this was limited to the shallow area which only made the contrast between clean and dirty even more obvious. There are no WC facilities at the pool. This was a first for me. A trip to the bathroom involved drying off, changing clothes and taking a three floor lift to the hotel lobby (or going to your own room) The same journey was required for refreshments. As many reviews have pointed out, the rooms at Mar i Vent are little dated, but they are clean and comfortable. Apologies for the long winded review, but as you are advertising this hotel, I felt it only right to expand. We had exactly what we wanted, a quiet week to relax. With a few small changes the holiday would of been so much more enjoyable. Service: 2, Food: 2, Cleanliness: rooms 5 / pool 2, Value for money: 2, Sleep quality: 5 Unfortunately, I could not recommend Hotel Mar i Vent. We will try something different next time, but will certainly be in touch. Thank you again,

AD 08/18

Good morning Henrik, We loved our stay at Mar i Vent, the location is amazing, the view, the sea, the peacefulness of the village and the terrace are the things we liked the most. The staff was really kind and helpful. Here is our rating: Service: 4, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5 We definitely recommend it to a friend.  Hope to see you again soon,

CG 06/18

Dear Henrik, Thank you for your email. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Mar I Vent. Your description of it was very accurate- so decor a bit tired and rooms basic but the people were so welcoming and the service was magnificent. We loved the position - a great village with really good restaurants. The views from our room were wonderful - what a vista. We felt fortunate to have found this gem. Probably such a better experience than some of the hotels twice the price and sometimes a bit ‘stuffy’.  We would be interested in some of your hotels in Menorca as we would like to go there in September. So we would like to rate the hotel for 5’s for all below. Best regards 

SE 04/18

I called Henrik with two days to go until I planned to travel to Mallorca, and he made the impossible happen. The one thing that I did have was a clear idea of what I wanted and Henrik gave me that and more, all within a horribly tight deadline. Once I had made the booking, the service that Henrik and his team offered did not diminish, whether that was a question about the availability of car hire at Palma airport or whether or not our hotel provided tennis racquets and balls: no question was too much trouble. I can recommend this wonderful company for everyone who prefers talking to a knowledgeable human rather than a logging on to a generic website, and who wants to be directed by dedicated experts with advice and information that will help them to get the very ebst out of their visit to Mallorca


SM 09/17

Dear Henrik, We have now checked out and are on our way back to Copenhagen. It has really been a great stay in Benyalbufar. So rural and authentic. One of the nicest places we have seen at Mallorca and one of the few places around the world we would consider coming back to.  Thanks for your suggestion. It turned out to be spot on.  Best

HN 07/17

We enjoyed our stay at Mar i Vent very much. We would rate as follows : service 5, food 3, cleanliness 5, value 4, sleep 4. The only reason we give 3 for food is because we are vegetarian and there was nothing on the menu to tempt us. Breakfast was good though. Banyalbufar is a lovely village and Mar I Vent is right in it. The views from our comfortable room, the terrace and pool would be hard to better. We would definitely return and recommend to friends.


SL 10/17

Hi - please see my comments below: Relaxed family run hotel in a great setting and very nice village. Stayed in the annexe in a lovely big room with large balcony. Only complaint would be road noise which is reduced when you close the bathroom door and the village is very quiet at night. Breakfast isn't rushed so very relaxing and a wonderful terrace. Check out also relaxed as we were told 12-1 but also said we could stay at the hotel all day if we wished. Quaint and charming and not at all corporate.  How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5, Food: 4 (only had breakfast), Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality: 4. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes definitely 

JM 09/17

Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? - we really enjoyed our stay and the staff were excellent along with the food. Our room was serviced every day but we felt that the hotel was looking very tired, the bathrooms need updating along with the beds and a few coats of pAint. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:4, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? 4

EG 10/17

Overall very nice quiet hotel with a quiet clientele.  If you want a completely relaxing break with a nice pool, beautiful view and a quiet village with some good restaurants it is for you.  If you want a bit more to do and a bit more action it is not for you.  The walk down to the cove beach below the hotel was a bit strenuous especially on the way back.  Nice cove very little beach.  It would be better to have a car and therefore there would be more scope for exploring although there is a bus service to Palma.  If you are a bad traveller the roads are very windy.  We enjoyed our stay very much.  We would consider going back as a couple but maybe a bit quiet for our teenage girls. Thank your for organising this holiday so quickly and efficiently. Service: Good more than helpful ran us up the hill to enable us to go for a costal walk in their car and offered to pick us up if we could not make it back. Food: Only ate breakfast very nice light continental. Cleanliness: clean.  Carpets in hall were a bit old. Value for money: can't really comment as normally stay in apartment. Sleep quality: Good but I can sleep anywhere

CR 08/17

Thank you Henrik. We had a fab time just wish we could have spent the week in mallorca. We'll be sure to use your services again for a holiday in the Balearics or Tuscany. The price could be better for such simple accommodation but we enjoyed every minute & were v comfortable. We enjoyed a great late season break at the mar I vent hotel in sleepy banyalbufar with super weather 25-27 degrees that allowed swimming in the pool & sea and breathtaking walks in the tramontana mountains. The hotel is perfectly placed to explore the region and tho full never felt crowded. All is natural peace & tranquility & will impress guests seeking the simple pleasures in life. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes indeed

BD 09/17

Hi, We had a great stay at Mar I Vent. We upgraded the room to large suite below the pool terrace, lovely large airy room. Little frayed but spotless.  Views so good from room, balcony, and all public rooms that this was all you noticed. Staff attentive, helpful and friendly. Breakfast very good.  We also had a lunch and a dinner at the hotel and both were very good.  Would recommend to anyone and will use again. Regards

LW 09/17

Dear Henrik, Sorry for the long delay in responding to you, I don’t know where time vanishes. Anyway, we had such a lovely time at the Mar I Vent and Majorca, of course we would like to give you feedback, although, we are worried about letting other people know how good it is in case we can’t book it next time we want to go! We are very reluctant to publicise the Hotel Mar Y Vent, simply because it was such a lovely place that we don’t want it to get too popular!  Banyulbufar was gorgeous, and the staff at the hotel did as much as they could to enhance our stay.  Special mention to the wonderful breakfasts on the terrace, and the high quality dinner menu.  I don’t want to say any more, because I can already hear the thundering of people running to their phones to book it! And thank you too Henrik, for the help and information you gave us.  How pleased we were to come across you! So: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Many thanks, 

KL 08/17

Good morning Henrik, See reply below. We had a lovely stay at the Mari-Vent. The breakfast was excellent and we ate 3 times for dinner because it the food was so good. Cleanliness in the room was good but not spotless. The cleaner came each day but only gave a cursory clean and the bathroom smelled a bit, but I suspect that was the nature of the local drains – it was not enough to be off-putting, but a bit of bleach might have helped. Although the bedroom decor was dated, we liked it, particularly the bed which was huge and very comfortable. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? – Yes we would recommend to a friend. Kind regards,

CR 08/17

Dear Henrik, Thank you for recommending and booking Mar i Vent. We really enjoyed our stay. The hotel is small, which we like, and all the staff are friendly and accommodating. The views over the sea from the hotel are beautiful and we enjoyed  being able to swim in the hotel pool or walk down to the sea. We loved Banyalbufar and will definitely go back. It is quiet and unspoiled, as is the hotel. Food 4, Cleanliness 4, Value for money 5, Sleep quality 4. Kind regards,

DM 07/17

Hi Henrik, In answer to your questions in the order given. Service 2.5, Food 3, Cleanliness 4, Value for money 3, Sleep quality 3. When we arrived the safe in the room was locked, on two occasions I asked for it to be opened it didn't happen. We didn't feel there was a lot of choice for dinner so after our meal on the first night we ate elsewhere. It was reasonably cheap so what can we expect? We were given one of the dungeon rooms (from reception, lift down three floors then down another three flights of stairs and along a musty dark corridor to our room) and every morning farm vehicles woke us before we were ready to get up. Would I stay ther again  no. Regards,

AC 07/17

Ammmazing! Thank you Henrick. Francisco Mike Selena all the staff made us so so welcome and made our little boy feel like he was part of the Hotel. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Have already. Best 

SL 07/17

Hi Henrik, I had a lovely stay at the hotel. Overall I think it is a very special little place and the village is gorgeous. The food was very good too-as good as anything else in the village I think, and that terrace and pool are really lovely.  I think the service is a bit patchy. I arrived late as my flight was delayed and my welcome was a offhand , I felt like a nuisance rather than a guest. And as I was travelling on my own that was a bit upsetting. The next morning I went to ask for a pool towel and the rules about no swimming before 9 were rather grumpily explained to me -I think it would be great if guests had this explained to them on arrival.  But things improved during the week, and the younger staff are all lovely.  Maybe the older ones need a bit of a reminder to smile at the guests! But thanks so much for recommending the hotel and I would certainly use your service again. Best wishes

NT 06/17

Dear Henrik, I know you wrote asking for feedback following the holiday you arranged for us and it was remiss of me not to reply. It’s been a hectic year with my ancient mother taking up a lot of time, and then a little granddaughter arrived in the summer. But we had a great time in Mallorca and the weather was lovely.   Both hotels and destinations were good but our room at Banyalbufar was disappointing but the fab food made up for it!      We LOVED the hotel at Furnalutx and will return. Thank you for all your help and I hope you’ve had a good and successful year. With kind regards

KW 06/17

Henrik, hi. Thanks for the note. On arrival, service was speedy and we were offered a choice of rooms. We were accommodated at short notice on the beautiful terrace for dinner. Throughout the stay, the service was excellent. For example, quickly replacing a broken balcony chair, and helping with cash when the local ATM was not working. The hotel is characterful and has a family feel. Banyalbufar itself is also lovely, though I’d probably go slightly further afield for a beach. The walk along the coastal hills to Port des Colonge is well worth doing, with stunning views. This is an ideal hotel for a couple or single person just wanting a relaxed, quiet break in a secluded corner of the island. That said, my 16 year old son was perfectly happy with the pool, food and weather. Your own organisation is a lesson to the likes of Trip Advisor on how things really should be done. You were helpful and creative with your ideas. If we go back to Majorca, we’ll definitely work with you for our booking. Service: 5 (really good – very attentive and switched on), Food: 5, Cleanliness: 4 (bathroom needed some TLC, more in terms of maintenance), Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Definitely.

ML 06/17

Dear Henrik, Our stay at the Mar i Vent was superb.  We went with slight trepidation expecting a slightly tired room and unexciting food but with a beautiful view.  However our bedroom was, I'm pretty sure, newly decorated in a pale blue/grey with very comfortable furnishings to complement.  It was very large with a little balcony with gorgeous views.  You could lie in bed and look over the sea and manicured, terraced mountainside.  The bathroom looked fairly new with a double basin vanity unit and shower over the bath.  Loads of storage and all totally spotless. The food which was all served on the terrace was excellent.  We ate at the restaurant just about next door at lunch time (Bella Vista) which looked over the sea and was perfect but we ate in the hotel most evenings.  Again it was really excellent - all the guests I spoke to said the same. The pool was sparkingly clean every day - I only say this as one review said that by the end of the week it was dirty. The staff couldn't have been more helpful or pleasant. The only tip to anyone going is that they don't put tissues in the room or shower hats in the bathroom.  The shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are all in small sachets so we went next door and bought some shower gel.  The hair dryer is functional but you have to keep your finger firmly pressed on a red button  to keep the thing operating and even then it sort of wheezes along. This should in no way stop you considering this hotel.  It was a small price to pay to stay somewhere really lovely, family run and on the edge of a lovely old village stuffed with great restaurants. I can't remember what I was meant to be grading but it must be 5's all round and would I recommend it.  Most definitely.

MP 06/17

Dear Henrik, We enjoyed our stay at these two hotels immensely. The scenery at Banyalbufar is always stunning, and the water in the cove warm. Walking to Estellencz and Port es Calonge was easy. Dramatic weather overtook us on one walk- I guess that's the risk at this time of year. With so many eating places in Banyalbufar, we could go a different place each night. Son Tomas was best for its sunset and Paella.  Son Pons, as you advised, is very different. We discovered the Albufera park not very far away, with its turtles and birds. Lounging by the pool was also so easy. Thanks for mediating our visit so efficiently

JB 09/16

Hi Henrik, Thanks for your message and your help in booking Mari Vent  - please see ratings below:  We would definitely use Rural Hotels Mallorca again. Very helpful friendly staff, great breakfast and happy to accommodate children's request to eat pasta instead of from the set menu.  Great views and lovely traditional Mallorcan experience at the hotel.  How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness:5 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes. Kind regards,

CA 08/16

Dear Henrik, Responding to your enquiry I would say that your hotel selection for us was very, very good. Our plane arrived late so we arrived to the Mar I Vent hotel late in the evening and in the dark. Finding any parking was a bit of a nightmare and apparently 10 pm was too late for any dinner. Nevertheless the room was ok and the bed was comfy. Next morning we discovered the view from our bedroom balcony! Breakfast on their dining room terrace was about as good as it gets but this is more than could be said for their dinner menu which really wasn't. Overall though we liked it a lot and would happily stay there again. Ratings: 4,3,5,5,5 and yes but advising to take dinner somewhere else. Next El Encinar d' Arta....not easy to find with some corrections necessary to your route instructions. But when you do get there is simply stunning!..... so quiet so relaxing and in all respects very special indeed. Lovely bedroom, comfortable with air conditioning and a unique barbecue dinner experience. Dolores, the owner manager was a perfect host who couldn't do enough to make you feel very welcome.......We absolutely loved our too-short stay there and will probably want to return with other members of our family. Ratings:5,5,5,5,5 and most certainly yes. We flew to Majorca with Monarch airlines which we rated highly and rented our car from Hertz who tried to rip us off and offered absolutely dreadful customer service so we won't be using them again. As for you, my friend, your business very skilfully provided us with an absolutely excellent holiday experience for which we sincerely thank you....very well done!

SB 08/16

Henrik, Yes we had a great time thank you. Lovely island. Mar I vent although looking a little tired in places really grew on us. A really genuine place, with good food and service. Breakfast was very good. Room with sea view was superb; I did worry a bit that balconies were low annex. I would go back there. Went to Es Verger one day which you recommended, which was nice. Overall good experience. Thank you

SG 08/16

Hey Henrik, Hope you are good! THANKS a lot for your help regarding Mar i Vent, it was absolute perfect, so fantastic! Will for sure contact you again, next time we are in Mallorca! Hava a great day. Best!

JK 07/16

Hi Henrik, Thanks for your note. We had a lovely time in Banyalbufar. Service: 3, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 4, Value for money: 3, Sleep quality: 4. I loved the Mar I Vent but I have a few observations. They Management and staff seem stressed and a bit over-run. The carry a thin staff and so when it’s busy it shows – the owner does not smile easily. They had our arrival date wrong and were a bit unwelcoming in the first instance but recovered. We also had issues with the water in our room on a number of occasions (there not being any) including the day of our arrival. The pool became quite dirty over the course of the week and you could not see the bottom of the pool in the end. All of this said, it was a lovely stay, the setting is sublime and the eccentricities are to be expected in a smaller hotel I guess. The food at breakfast was good and the one dinner that we had was very good. I would recommend to a friend. I am back in Mallorca in October and would like a recommendation from you as to somewhere else my family and I would enjoy. Thanks in advance.

JD 07/16

Hi Henrik, Thank you so much for the advice regarding the Mar I Vent hotel in Banyualbufar in Majorca. The room was past expectations and had a wonderful seaview. The hotel is a good choice and the family staff are very welcoming and helpful. For other guests I can recommend the restaurant , along from the hotel, the restaurant  1661. Great meals  and very good staff.The village is so quiet at night times , everything stops at 1100pm!! The only  drawback is  we didnt  hire a car, and the bus only goes four times daily and if you want to travel across the island you have to go to Palma each  time from Banyalbufar., and it just doesnt workout, you could be in buses all day!!,  . We want to go back to the western side of majorca so could you recommend  some hotels in some areas, which perhaps the bus goes through? Thanks and kind regards

RE 07/16

Hej Henrik, Vi hade det jättebra! Tack! How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 5, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 5, Sleep quality: 5. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Absolut! Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Mar i Vent är ett fantastiskt mysigt och trevligt hotell. Vi kommer sent glömma den underbara frukosten på hotellet terass med den magnifika havsutsikten. Tack för några sköna dagar i Banyalbufar! Det var toppen! Du får översätta om du vill!

AS 06/16

Hi, Great hotel in a great location. Loved the relaxed atmosphere. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: 5, Food: 4, Cleanliness: 5, Value for money: 4, Sleep quality:5, Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes. Regards

DA 06/16

Hi, How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 5 Food: 5 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality: 5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes, loved this place.  Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Family vibe, with really great rooms, views and delicious sea view breakfast. We were all very happy with this hotel. 

LS 06/16

Hi Henrik, I meant to get hold of you last week.  Mar i Vent was just perfect for us.  Thank you.   Happy to give feedback Service: 5 (excellent this is what makes it particularly special) Food: 3 Cleanliness: 5 Value for Money: 5 Sleep Quality:  5 Yes we would consider going again and we would definitely recommend a friend. For sure if we go back to Mallorca next year we will get in touch with you and thanks for all your service too...  Thanksd

AF 06/16

Excellent service, charming and friendly family, beautiful village with good restaurants!


TF 06/16

Dear Henrik, We did enjoy our holiday at the two hotels thank you, here is our feedback of the hotels: Mar I Vent: Superb position, service 7/10, cleanliness 10/10, food 5/10 (breakfast particularly poor in our view), value 7/10, sleep quality 6/10 (bed a bit hard)  Pool area crowded and small Son Terrassa: Service 9/10, cleanliness 9/10, food 8/10, value 8/10, sleep quality 6/10, ditto bed a bit hard  Pool v nice, a lot of Germans there, we were the only Brits Would recommend both hotels to friends depending on what they wanted.  The views at Mar I Vent were first class, we found the  owner slightly  like Basil Fawlty, he tried very hard to please though.  The local restaurant over the road was superb, the best meal we had during our trip. Hope this helps.

GG 06/16

Hello Henrik, Delighted to feed back that we had a great short break thanks to your help. Thank you very much indeed. Mar I Vent:  This is a lovely family run hotel with a very authentic and traditional appeal reminiscent of an Edwardian pension. The family members are relaxed and friendly . The decor is a bit passé but the hotel is comfortable, clean with spectacular views. We met loyal customers who have been coming for years. We certainly intend to go back Not for those who want mod cons and slick furnishings. But if you want old fashioned character and authentic charm then highly recommend. Service: 4 Food: 4 for breakfast. We did not dine there  Cleanliness:5 Value for money:5 Sleep quality:5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes 

JD 06/16

Dear Henrik, We did enjoy our holiday at the two hotels thank you, here is our feedback of the hotels: Mar I Vent: Superb position, service 7/10, cleanliness 10/10, food 5/10 (breakfast particularly poor in our view), value 7/10, sleep quality 6/10 (bed a bit hard)  Pool area crowded and small Son Terrassa: Service 9/10, cleanliness 9/10, food 8/10, value 8/10, sleep quality 6/10, ditto bed a bit hard  Pool v nice, a lot of Germans there, we were the only Brits Would recommend both hotels to friends depending on what they wanted. The views at Mar I Vent were first class, we found the  owner slightly  like Basil Fawlty, he tried very hard to please though.  The local restaurant over the road was superb, the best meal we had during our trip. Hope this helps.

GG 06/16

Hi Henrik, I enjoyed the Mar I Vent which is in a lovely position and location.  I enjoyed having the view of garden, sea and hills.  The room was very pleasant and clean.  The weather was a bit chilly for the time of year and this meant the room was a bit cold. It would be lovely in hot weather.  The breakfast was very good.  We only ate in the restaurant on one occasion and the food was good. Service 4, Food 4, Cleanliness 5, Value for money 4, Sleep quality 5. Nancy

DS 04/16

Hi Henrik, I enjoyed the Mar I Vent.   The Mar I Vent is in a lovely position and location.  I enjoyed having the view of garden, sea and hills.  The room was very pleasant and clean.  The weather was a bit chilly for the time of year and this meant the room was a bit cold. It would be lovely in hot weather.  The breakfast was very good.  We only ate in the restaurant on one occasion and the food was good.   Service 4 Food 4 Cleanliness 5 Value for money 4 Sleep quality 5

HD 04/16

Hi Henrik, I hope you are well? Just a note to say a very big thank you for all your help organising our team weekend at Hotel Mar I Vent. We had an absolutely amazing time, the hotel was fantastic and the staff were so accommodating. What a beautiful part of the world! With kindest regards and best wishes

BU 01/16

Henrik, I am so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.  In short we loved our stay.  The service was friendly and helpful 5, the Food was simple and delicious 5, it was lovely and clean 5, value for money was a 5 and the beds were very comfortable so the sleep quality also receives a 5.  It is a bit tired but that doesn't bother us and I would definitely revisit.  We thought the family were charming. I would love any top tips you have for Tuscany.  As you know we are a family of 5 and I would love us to visit Tuscany and maybe do some form of family cooking course at the same time without spending a fortune.  I would appreciate your help. I hope this finds you well. Best wishes

JH 10/15

Dear Henrik, We had a lovely holiday. We absolutely loved this hotel for its location and old world rustic charm. The views from the hotel are incredible and breath-taking from most aspects. Our family room size was generous with a lot of space, plus balcony size was great. We used it a lot to sit play cards and enjoy the wonderful view. The village was very charming , unspoilt and untouched. We had some wonderful meals at the 1661 Cuina de Banyalbufar restaurant the food there was excellent. The hotel is not state of the art modern which is why we loved it and has a feel of old world luxury, albeit slightly run down. The only thing I would say that really lets the hotel down is the service. There are 2 members of staff there, who were very grumpy quite gruff and honestly gave the impression guests are an inconvenience, they need to work on their customer service skills. Saving grace were two lovely ( younger ) waiters who mainly worked at breakfast. All in all loved the hotel, its location and Banyalbufar village is so pretty, authentic and untouched, we had a great stay. Thank you for all your help Henrik you were great will definitely book with you again. My feedback about our stay as follows: How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating:  Service: 2 Food: 4 for breakfast, we did not have any other meals there. Cleanliness: 3-4 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality: 4 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes Warm regards,

CM 08/15

Really friendly and helpful staff. Lovely atmosphere. Beautiful and quiet location. How would you rate the following from 1-5 where 5 is the best rating: Service: Food: 2 Cleanliness: 5 Value for money: 5 Sleep quality:5 Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? 

NS 08/15

Dear Henrik, We had a lovely time and had plenty of laughs despite the terrible flight there, and the terrible weather whilst we were there. Thank you for arranging our stay, we loved Banyalbufar, and their festival was on whilst we there which was a bonus. We visited Deia and Port Soller and shopped in Inca. Yes, Mar I Vent Hotel. when did you last visit there? We were greeted with a 'you don't want to eat, do you' by the Manager and he didn't cheer up throughout our stay. He never smiled and was abrupt. He told us off for swimming in the pool before 9am(it was 8) and told us not to do backstroke as he had had a complaint about the noise! when our room flooded with the rain he replied, 'well you didn't close the shutters did you'. He didn't get round to carrying our luggage from room to car. his mother and children were lovely but he was quite rude. The hotel is looking shabby but only needs a lick of paint and a clean. A great shame as it is a fantastic spot. It was probably value for money as we got a good deal with you. Breakfasts were good and it was a convenient location. 1, 4, 3, 4, 4 Hope this is helpful. I will contact you again as I will go back to Majorca soon

DP 08/15

Dear Henrik, Thank you so much for the help and advice regarding our stay in Mallorca. We loved both hotels and locations, the food was excellent in both hotels, we really enjoyed the quiet, relaxed atmospheres and beautiful locations. The views from Mar i vent were amazing! The village was so pretty and the local people very helpful and friendly too. We loved the beach at Mari Vent , a real jewel! We really enjoyed the stay at Es Figural, the family were lovely and we enjoyed feeding the parrots and chatting about the rescue animals. We loved the food the evening we ate there, the place mat vinyls were so qwerty and just what my daughter loves! We enjoyed driving (not too far) to two beaches, as well as visiting two markets and enjoying an afternoon  in Palmer looking around the cathedral. Great locations. We really appreciated the accommodation in Es Figural, it was like having our own mini villa (without a kitchen of course) The pool was lovely and often felt as though it was our private pool! The pool at Mari Vent was a real hit with our son and teenaged daughter as it was so deep and they enjoyed competitions picking up goggles from the bottom of the pool!  We walked every where for our 5 days at Mari Vent, the bakery was great, I loved the onion and seaweed pasties! We enjoyed beautiful food at restaurants in both hotel locations. The accommodation at Mari Vent was a mixture of a modern bar, antique clocks and rocking chairs, some art deco lamps and the bedrooms were 70's style but very clean and adequate. We had some issues with our shower and the electrics, the switch for our lights fell off and we couldn't turn off the main light. The staff were very helpful but it was in need of some maintenance, they switched off the main light so we could sleep but we were unable to use that light for the remainder of our stay. Our TV didn't work either, but this was not a problem to us, our children were glad of their TV as they liked having the radio playing when they were in their room. The terrace in Mar i Vent had beautiful views and we watched the sun set on both occasions we ate their. The staff were very accomodating with regard to specific requests over our son's soup starter. We have already recommended both hotels to friends and family, and hope to visit again. In both hotels we rate 5 for food, cleanliness, value for money and sleep quality. Kind regards

TC 08/15

Hello Henrik, yes thank you, we had a wonderful stay.   would say that everything in your list, except food, deserves a 5 .  We didn't have dinner in the hotel as we didn't think it looked great. We had very simple lunch a couple of times which was ok but I don't think they are even trying to compete with the really good restaurants in the village. These were really excellent  (1661 I think it's called, in particular) .  would recommend it to a friend but would have to warn them about the 1950s African colonial club style furniture! Our room was huge (the stairs leading down to our room have damp carpet on them - much better and less musty smell if they were stone steps)  The view from our room was fabulous, and because of this view we always had a drink up on their balcony before going out to dinner. The swimming pool is great. It is also good to have the cove which we went to every afternoon. It takes effort to get there and back which means there are less people. he family are charming and always polite and helpful. Sara and I would definitely go back there. re there any villas to rent in Banyalbufar? Three bedrooms, swimming pool, with that view?  And maybe near by enough to be able to walk down to the cove? Otherwise we'll go back to Marivent. As lovely as Fornilux is, we prefer to be by the sea! est wishes,

JF 07/15

Hello Henrik, We had a really lovely holiday and will certainly be returning to Mallorca. Thank you so much for your help . We felt we were in exactly the right part of the country and there were plenty of walks.   Mar i Vent  Service - 3 - I'll explain below  Food - 5  cleanliness - 5 value for money - 4  sleep quality - 4 struggled to get the room cool through the night  We had a good stay here and loved the situation, the outlook over the sea and had a spacious and cool room ( in the day) . The pool and verandah  were great  however we had a very unfortunate start to our stay. This was largely , I suspect, to do with language problems but sadly not entirely.  The person on reception when we arrived was very rude. He thought we were pinching a hotel parking space. We explained that we were staying at the hotel. He was then rude and unhelpful about whether we could park there and gave the impression we were nuisances. This was made all the more upsetting because we'd just left the Petit Hotel where the service could not have been more different. We asked for pool towels from the same person a little later, and again felt that we were being a huge inconvenience. Our spanish is very basic but we did try very hard to amend our relationship with this gentleman and had a good stay after all. The other staff were very good .During our first evening I had been thinking about finding an alternative hotel as I was so upset at the rudeness. Sorry to say this Henrik but we thought you ought to know. If you don't like people don't work in the hotel industry ! We did enjoy the rest of our time there and were particularly impressed that we were able to use our room on the last day until 6pm as we had an evening flight. This made our last day very relaxed and enjoyable. This was a different member of staff who couldn't do enough to help. Thank you again . (We met another couple at Mar i Vent who were also raving about how helpful you had been, Christine and Richard Ingham/ Ingram ?) An excellent holiday and what a beautiful island . 

AC 07/15

Hello Henrik, We had a nice holiday thank you. It is always difficult to score places. I give it 5 for cleanliness and service and 4 for everything else.  The hotel is sweet but also dated and would benefit from some refurbishment and new towels. We started in a room in the annexe (21) - top floor as we had requested and although it was very quiet in most ways- no noise at all from other guests-  and had a very large balcony at the back overlooking the sea, it also fronted onto the road. The traffic noise was not huge and stopped at night but we met some people who were leaving room A and recommended it so we moved to this room. It is under the swimming pool. This is a more modern room with no traffic noise and mainly quiet in other ways too- a bit of furniture scraping around from somewhere ( ( I am over fussy when it comes to noise!).  I could recommend this to a friend more than our first room because of the more up to date decor. The traffic noise from 21 would not bother everyone - eg the people in 22 who also came via you were fine with it.  The hotel terrace is lovely and it was really nice to be able to sit and have breakfast from 8-11am. The breakfast was good-lots of fruit, cheese, breads and cakes, yoghurt, eggs. We didn't eat other meals in the hotel as wanted to explore other places. There are quite a few restaurants to chose from. The wi-fi connection is a bit hit and miss and only available from the terrace but this was not a problem for us.  The owner of the hotel and especially his son and daughter were very pleasant.  We would return to the hotel. 

KI 07/15

Dear Henrik, Just returned from a great and relaxing holiday. The hotel and staff were great and everything went to plan. Thank you for all your help. I shall keep you site on the computer for next time. Kind Regards

MF 07/15

Dear Henrik, The holiday was great. Both hotels were good choices and, as you advised, in different ways. Your information was really helpful so we knew what to expect.  I rate each below. Would you recommend the hotel to a friend? Yes Service: 4 Food: 4 Cleanliness: 4 Value for money: 4 Sleep quality:4 Would you like to write a couple of general sentences about your stay? Both hotels had lovely staff. They were helpful but not intrusive.  Both hotels recognised that most guest wanted a quiet time and ensured this. The lack of a car was no problem. More detailed information on the local walking would be helpful or an alert that it is best to bring your own. I hope this helps. I am learning Italian so am definitely interested in any quiet corners of Tuscany that you may know. Kind regards

JT 06/15


In 1931, Juan Vives and Margaret Albertí founded the Hotel Mar i Vent. Nowadays, more than eighty years after it was founded, hotel guests receive a welcome and friendly attention from the fourth generation Vives family who, proudly following the example of their grandparents, take pains to ensure their guests stay is a delightful and unforgettable experience.

Marivent is a small, charming hotel in one of the most beautiful villages on the island, Banyalbufar which is in the mountains in the north west of Mallorca.

The rooms overlook the sea, the hotel restaurant offers traditional and hearty cuisine, the pleasant and traditional communal salons, the panoramic views from the terrace… All this will all ensure that your stay in this privileged place, surrounded by nature and the sea, is an unforgettable experience.

Type Townhouse
Rooms 29
Pool 15 x 6 m (note that the pool is closed between 1.30 pm - 4 pm due to siesta.
Children Yes
Open February - November
Internet Yes
A/C Yes
Food Breakfast and Dinner
Parking Yes
Extras Wonderful sea and mountain views!