Is Soller or Pollenca best for cycling?

Posted: Thursday, 31st August 2023

Both Soller and Pollenca are popular destinations for cycling in Mallorca, as they offer scenic routes with challenging climbs and beautiful views. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and level of experience.

Soller is located on the northwest coast of the island and offers several challenging climbs, including the famous Sa Calobra route, which features a winding descent and steep ascent. The town itself is also picturesque and offers a range of restaurants, cafes, and accommodation options.

Pollenca, on the other hand, is located on the north coast of the island and offers a variety of cycling routes, including the popular Cap Formentor route, which features stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The town also has a range of amenities and attractions, including a historic center and a weekly market.

Overall, both Soller and Pollenca offer great options for cycling in Mallorca, with beautiful scenery and challenging routes.