Sineu Market: the best market in Mallorca

Posted: Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Sineu is a medieval town in the centre of Majorca. The market is held in the church square on a Wednesday from 8am until lunch time and is the most traditional market on the island with local farmers selling livestock (chickens, rabbits and even snails!), fruit and vegetables, flowers, leather goods, art and crafts (such as pottery).

The town was originally a dedicated agriculture and animal farming region, hence the abundance of fresh produce, and the market a lively exchange of goods and services. These days it is more of a tourist attraction but is also a great way to spend the morning chatting to locals and feasting on Majorcan delicacies such as oranges, olives and ham.

Take a break for lunch at any of the many bars and restaurants and be sure to try the famous ‘frito majorquin’ dish which is pork liver, red pepper and potatoes mixed and fried. Wash it down with local red wine in true Spanish style.

Market Information
Location: Sineu’s Church Square
Opening hours: Wednesday, 8am – lunch time.
How to get there: Take the train from Palma de Mallorca (starting at Plaza de España) or drive.

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