Palma City sightseeing Bus Tour

Posted: Thursday, 17th November 2011

Palma is a great city to explore on foot or on a bicycle, but sometimes you are running short on time (too many hours on the beach?) or don’t fancy exercising due to the heat. That’s when the tourist bus comes in very handy.

It is also a very cost effective way to get around at less than 20 euros for two days and more than 15 different stops to hop on and off at. The bus is fully equipped with head sets in eight languages so you are sure to understand the tour guide no matter where you are from.

There is beautiful architecture, museums, beaches, shopping and so much more to explore in Mallorca that you’ll be glad you didn’t have to walk to them all, and you jumped on the bus instead!

For more information and bookings check out the Palma Citysightseeing website.

{image source: Flickr}