Mallorcan beaches: Calo des Moro

Posted: Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Looking to do some snorkeling or diving as part of your Mallorcan beaches experience? If your travels take you in the vicinity of stunning Santanyi, be sure to visit Calo des Moro. Nestled between steep pine-tree laden cliffs this small but beautiful Mallorcan beach has much to offer.

Pure crystal clear waters make underwater exploring very easy. Snorkelers and divers alike will have no trouble spotting brightly coloured fish and sea life under the glassy surface. Or if you just fancy a cool swim, Calo des Moro seems to stay temperate all year round. Otherwise you can just stretch out on the golden sandy shores.

Calo des Moro is a cosy intimate cove, so visiting off-peak times is best if you want to avoid feeling crowded. It is not so much that throngs of people flock to Calo des Moro but more that it doesn’t take many bods to fill up the 30 metre bay. Weekday or early morning visits are usually a good option. 

Getting to this little gem amongst Mallorcan beaches isn’t entirely effortless but also not problematic. You’ll come to the cove from the Cala s’Almuna fishermen huts. Take a small climb down rather worn stone stairs and you’ll find yourself on the beach’s glistening Mallorcan sands. Adult tourists won’t struggle accessing Calo des Moro. But if you’re travelling with a young family this may not be the best Mallorcan beach for you. As well as finding it tricky to get down to the beach, kids will have limited play space too.

Calo des Moro lies some 6km from Santanyi. So this pretty village is a great place to stay during this leg of your Mallorcan beach and holiday experience. Sa Galera is a stately ancient Mallorcan manor offering a great taste of boutique hotels Mallorca. You’ll have the choice of 20 individually decorated rooms, each thoughtfully furnished with plenty of comforts. 

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